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  1. Bafang Electric launches its first Bafang Dealer Day, attracting hundreds of industry professionals

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    The first Bafang Dealer Day took place on January 16 in Nijkerk, generating a great response and positive feedback. More than 450 dealers took up the LEVA-EU member’s invitation to register for the event and made their way to the distinctive venue Hart van Holland. Here, much discussion surrounding Bafang itself, the dealer direct service, new products, and partner opportunities took place.

    Confident presentations and interactive exchange

    The day’s presentations were specially designed with dealer-specific information in mind, ranging from an overview of Bafang’s history to technical insight regarding the latest drive systems. Confidently leading the day’s proceedings was moderator Rens Merckelbach. He was joined by members of Bafang’s Benelux branch Vince Weerden, Santosh Mankoe, and Leroy van Heeren, the branch’s Service Manager, Dealer Direct Service Executive, and Customer Service Specialist respectively. Each presented on their specialist subject, taking time to answer any dealers’ questions on the matters at hand.

    New products and the BESST Pro Tool

    After a refreshment break the event continued, moving into an adjacent hall where dealers were able to view Bafang’s latest technological offerings up-close while receiving tailored advice from knowledgeable staff members.

    Alongside the isolated drive systems, batteries, and HMIs on display, a range of test bikes were available for dealers’ use. Supporting Bafang’s own test bikes were branded bikes boasting a range of systems, provided by Jools, Brinckers, BSP, and Dolly Bikes. Based on the faces seen around the specially designed test track, Bafang’s motto, “Engineered to make you smile”, rings true!

    The afternoon was then characterized by presentations of the latest products from Bafang by Lennart van Houwelingen, the Sales Manager for Benelux. Following this, Leroy van Heeren returned to deliver a presentation regarding the BESST Pro tool, which is sure to be an exciting prospect for many dealers.

    Rens Merckelbach concluded the event with a light-hearted lottery, where Bafang team members presented a selection of gifts to lucky attendees. Concluding with a classic networking session, the event can only be described as an extremely successful and slick launch of Bafang’s Dealer Day. Full of informative content and exciting ideas, the event clearly outlines Bafang’s focus on development in the European market, and is the product of a great team effort by the staff of Bafang Electric Ltd.

  2. QWIC Dealershow attracts more than 350 dealers

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    Ebike brand and LEVA-EU member, QWIC, have been holding Dealer Shows at various locations in recent months. The dealer shows began successfully in Germany in August, took place in Belgium in September, and concluded in October in the Netherlands.

    In total, more than 350 dealers were attended, and QWIC reported that it looks back positively on these days and looks to the future with confidence. During the shows, contact with the dealer was central. “This was the moment to discuss the cooperation between dealers and QWIC and to hear what the dealers think about the current and upcoming models. Dealers can also ask all their questions,” said Hans Terpstra, Teamlead Sales Representative NL & BE. “We are pleased to hear that our dealers are satisfied with our current portfolio and excited about the upcoming collection. We also see this in the pre-orders for 2022, these signals look good.”

    The technical corner, which was staffed by the service technicians, was very well received. In addition, there was a special counter for the QWIC dealer portal, where visitors could view the latest news and ask questions. According to Terpstra, they received numerous satisfied reactions about the range. “Dealers spoke of a good core collection and good availability and reliability of the current and upcoming QWIC offering. Although there are still areas for improvement, the improvements already made are noticed by dealers and give them confidence for the future.”


    Source: https://nieuwsfiets.nu/2021/10/15/qwic-dealershow-trok-ruim-350-dealers/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nieuwsfiets-nu-continental-trekt-stekker-uit-e-bike-divisie-idc-urban-arrow-verdubbelt-bezoekersaantal_269

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