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  1. New website and service partners for AureusDrive

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    The Swiss developer of affordable, robust and stylish electric bicycles has debuted a fresh new website and announced additional partners in the brand’s home country

    Founded in 2017, AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualizes, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. Following on from successful past expansion, the brand has shared its new website redesign, aimed at making the user experience clearer, easier and more enjoyable. The company stated:

    “The new website has a modern look and a clear shop layout. These and many other adjustments have been made to increase your comfort when using it. We hope you like the new features and look forward to offering you an even better shopping experience in the future!”

    AureusDrive also announced the addition of four new Swiss workshop and service partners to its network, in a further commitment to serving the needs of riders. The locations are: Cycle Grenat Sàrl in Grand-Lancy, RIDERSCAVE in Poliez-Pittet, Merkli 2-Rad Sport in Wetzikon ZH, and Veloservice Fertal in Willisau.

    “With these new partners, we are not only expanding our geographical reach, but also our service expertise. They now offer you more workshop options for repairs, maintenance and advice on all aspects of your AureusDrive e-bike. We are excited about this new collaboration and look forward to continuing to offer you the best possible service.”

  2. AureusDrive announces new partner plus service discount for end users

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    Swiss e-bike manufacturer and retailer, AureusDrive has announced a new store partnership and servicing offer for consumers in select locations.

    New partner

    The brand has stated its new partner Velo-center is based in Biel, Switzerland, and is offering in-store test rides and servicing.

    Available e-bike models for testing are:

    • Power45 in White, Size M
    • Comfort 25 in Black, Size S

    Interested riders can book a test ride with this link.

    E-bike servicing discount

    AureusDrive is also offering a 15% discount on e-bike servicing in its Lucerne and Lausanne stores, where its team will be on hand to inspect and help customers prepare their rides for the winter season.

    Riders can take advantage of this special offer until December 15th by scheduling an appointment through AureusDrive’s website.

    Name selection for upcoming electric bike model

    More exciting news to come out from the company is its request for users to vote on a name for the successor of its Classic/Comfort models online. The new e-bike will be a successor of the Classic and Comfort e-bikes, with customers being able to select whether they’d like a high top tube, or no top tube with their electric ride.

  3. AureusDrive expands partnerships and capacity

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    Swiss electric-bike manufacturer & retailer, AureusDrive, has confirmed exciting news for the last quarter of 2023. It has welcomed a new partner on board, and increased its own capacity.

    New partner on board

    The brand has greeted a new partner, Brunusbike, in Aardorf, Switzerland, an e-bike store that sells mountain bikes, gravel bikes, racing bikes, children’s bikes, city bikes, and scooters. The shop is now offering servicing for AureusDrive e-bikes, as well as test rides for the following AureusDrive electric models:

    • Power45 white, M
    • Comfort 25 black, S

    Brunusbike store in Aardorf, Switzerland.

    Company expansion

    AureusDrive also confirmed it added an extra 130 square meters of additional space, by extending its existing e-bike workshop, and building a new servicing and test ride room. This exciting move gives more capacity to produce bikes and support new and existing customers.

    The larger, extended workshop where AureusDrives’ e-bikes are now produced.

    The new room that AureusDrive has built for test rides and service.

    These latest developments are examples of promising news for the brand as it looks ahead to 2024. Learn more about AureusDrive.

  4. AureusDrive visits partners in Belgium and Switzerland

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    Swiss electric bike and e-bike drive systems brand AureusDrive has shared updates from recent workshop and repair and test centre visits in nearby regions.

    AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualizes, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. Last week, the company’s two founders and managing directors, Sergio Tresch and Gabriel Barroso, embarked on a visit to seven partner workshops in Belgium. During this excursion, they not only explored picturesque landscapes and cities but also gained valuable insights into their partner market.

    The trip provided AureusDrive with an opportunity to strengthen relationships with esteemed partner workshops and collaborate on future improvements and innovations. This collaboration proved to be invaluable, enabling them to implement various optimizations and ensure that the brand’s high-quality Power45 S-Pedelec fully aligns with the needs and requirements of the Belgian market.

    In addition, AureusDrive is pleased to introduce new partners, bikesLab and Vélochouché in French-speaking Switzerland. They are currently available for service and repairs, and soon they will also offer test drives.

    The team eagerly anticipates reaping the rewards of this journey and further fortifying partnerships.


    AureusDrive, founded by Sergio and Gabriel in 2017, envisions ecological mobility for everyone. The startup specializes in developing, designing, conceptualizing, configuring, and assembling e-bike systems, with a particular focus on the commuter. The brand’s affordable, sturdy, and stylish e-bikes aim to encourage commuters to make the switch from cars to e-bikes. Currently, AureusDrive boasts a team of 12 employees and is experiencing rapid growth. Its e-bike community is approaching four digits, collectively covering an impressive seven-figure mileage. As a result, AureusDrive has already reduced CO2 emissions by 150,000 kg.

    AureusDrive’s mission is to provide affordable, sturdy, and stylish electric vehicles for all. In addition to this core mission, AureusDrive offers services in Lucerne and extends its support to partners throughout Switzerland. AureusDrive provides delivery and collection services for e-bikes (free of charge for warranty cases) and offers cost-effective replacement rental e-bikes.

  5. AureusDrive bikes covering kilometers worldwide

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    LEVA-EU member AureusDrive shares riders’ photos from around the globe

    The Switzerland-based e-bike manufacturer AureusDrive recently shared customers’ photos of their bikes in multiple locations, along with the accompanying stories.

    Swiss design meets Candian city life

    One customer took her AureusDrive Comfort to Vancouver, where she uses it for everyday life.

    Arriving in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône

    Another customer, along with a colleague, undertook an extended ride along the Rhône from Gletsch in Valais, to the Mediterranean coast at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, France. The two covered more than 900 km in just seven days!

    Portugal views

    A world-record attempt at cycling 20,000 km in one go was started two years ago by Reto Steimer, using an AureusDrive Classic 25. Unfortunately, a knee injury forced an early stop to the attempt, but many kilometers were covered trouble-free to that point!

    AureusDrive is working towards ecological mobility for all, and develops, designs, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. To date, the company estimates that its e-bike community has collectively achieved a total mileage in seven figures, and reduced CO2 emissions by 150,000 kg. Find out more here.

  6. LEVA-EU member Aureus Drive upgrades the Power45 model

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    A low-entry version of Aureus Drive’s speed pedelec is now available.

    Aureus Drive is a speed pedelec/e-bike manufacturer offering a range of green-mobility products, including the Power45 model. The Power45 e-bike was developed by commuters, for commuters and everyday life. Development was based largely on customer feedback and needs; Aureus Drive set itself the goal of creating a product that has an enormous range while delivering high performance and low maintenance.

    Thanks to an updated down tube, a lower-entry version of the Power45 is now available. The alternate edition of the e-bike maintains all of the original model’s technical specifications. Aureus Drive hopes to cater to women, older individuals, and those using a child seat with its new offering – previously, only the Comfort45 model utilised a low-entry frame.

    The new model is assembled completely in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    Learn more about the updated Power45 model, here.

  7. Aureus Drive further expands its partner network

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    The LEVA-EU member continues to grow its test drive and service partners, ensuring customers have easy access to service options.

    Swiss-based Aureus Drive produces robust 45km/h e-bikes, aiming to provide ecologically sound mobility to all. The manufacturer has recently announced six further test drive and service partners:

    • Münsigen – sport2go
    • Biberist – sport2go
    • Wädenswil – sport2go
    • Stans – sport2go
    • Bern Bollwerk
    • Genf rive gauche

    By densifying its partner network, Aureus Drive provides nearby servicing options for a larger number of customers, allowing any warranty work or service requirements to be met more easily. The brand’s full service network can be found, here.

  8. AureusDrive celebrates 5 year anniversary

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    AureusDrive develops, designs, conceptualises, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. As they celebrate 5 years in business of ecological mobility, the Swiss e-bike brand recently shared a couple throwback photos from their early days of development.

    The update detailed how almost exactly five years ago, Gabriel Barroso and Sergio Tresch founded AureusDrive GmbH. The first prototypes were built and tested a little more than 5.5 years ago, and as seen in the photo below, the first prototype with a rear wheel hub motor was still painted by hand. Later, the first two Classic prototypes were picked up from Rhenus in Basel with a Peugeot Partner. At that time the model was still called g45c, as seen in the lower picture.

    Sergio building a prototype in the laboratory at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, early 2017.
    Collection of the pre-production model of the g45c in Basel in autumn 2017.

    The brand wrote: “We look back on an exciting time and are happy to have put around 2,000 e-bikes on Swiss roads and thus make a contribution to more ecological mobility.”

    E-bikes from AureusDrive’s new 2023 Classic and Comfort series are now available for ordering. New orange and mint colorways feature for the season, along with some technical improvements.

  9. LEVA-EU member AureusDrive launches a new Facebook Community and secondary location

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    Following a recent hacking, the previous AureusDrive community has been permanently removed from Facebook. A new page, with maximized security, is now available to visit. Here, the brand will share the latest news and updates.

    Visit the Facebook page, here.

    Aureus Drive Lausanne
    Additionally, AureusDrive will open a second location in Lausanne, Switzerland from mid-August. All test drives with all models, as well as service and repair work, will be available.

    The adress is:

    AureusDrive AG
    Chem. du Martinet 28
    1007 Lausanne
    079 593 06 67

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