Stromer ST3 Special Edition – At the Stromer Universe as a camouflaged prototype

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At the “Stromer Universe” in Antwerp, where LEVA-EU member Stromer’s latest models were unveiled, myStromer Co-CEO Tomi Viiala rode an ST3 Special Edition in a camouflage wrap together with the sales teams from Stromer B.V. in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL).

Based on the Stromer ST3 with Pinion gearbox and Gates carbon belt introduced last year, the Special Edition comes in a special Ipanema Brown finish and is equipped with the 983 Wh battery and the Kinekt suspension seatpost (optionally also with a suspension fork and front ABS).

Pinion gearbox according to automotive standard

The Stromer ST3 Pinion is an extremely dynamic Speed Pedelec. The 9-speed Pinion gearbox uses technology from the automotive sector and offers a reliable shifting performance with a gear ratio range of 568%. In the Pinion gearbox, all gears can be easily and conveniently changed using a twist shifter, both at a standstill and on the move. The shifting system is not under added load from the motor and reacts to every gear change quickly, precisely and free of wear. In combination with the silent Gates carbon belt drive, the ST3 Pinion is extremely low-maintenance.

Clean design

All components – the gearbox, the easy-to-use shifting system, and even the belt drive – are cleanly integrated into the clear Stromer frame design. The 820 W rear-wheel motor quietly and dynamically provides assistance up to 45 km/h, and the ST3 Edition’s 983 Wh battery allows up to 180 km of range.

Cutting-edge communication between bike and rider

Like all Stromer models, the ST3 Special Edition is also fully connected. Connected via the cellular network and the free Stromer OMNI connect app, the bike has GPS localization and Smartlock: when being pushed in locked mode, the motor is blocked, the alarm (horn & flashing headlight) and GPS localization are activated, and the owner is notified by text message or email. Automatic locking and unlocking from a certain distance are performed via Bluetooth, if so desired. New functions such as the service reminder or crash alert messaging supplement the range of features in the user-friendly OMNI app. The app also enables the adjustment of motor settings to suit the rider, upload of the ride statistics, changes to the profile, and much more.

Optional ABS – added safety

With the new Stromer ST3 Special Edition, you commute not only with maximum riding dynamics but also in safety. In addition to large-volume tires and a high-quality light system, the model is optionally available from the factory with fully integrated ABS. ABS drastically reduces the risk of the front wheel locking and the rear wheel lifting off the ground and guarantees a safe and pleasant ride on the daily commute to work. Also available with the suspension fork option and with multiple stem and handlebar variants.

The ST3 Special Edition is suited for year-round commuters who are out and about in any weather. It offers a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to commuting by car – for efficient mobility in commuter traffic.


  • Special Edition (SE) in Ipanema Brown, with BQ983 battery (up to 180 km)
  • Special Edition (SE) in Ipanema Brown, with BQ983 battery (up to 180 km), optional suspension fork and ABS and Comfort Stem


  • Special Edition Ipanema Brown from September 2022
  • Special Edition Ipanema Brown with ABS and suspension fork from October 2022

Price in EUR/CH:

  • Special Edition Ipanema Brown: from EUR 9,108; CHF 9,881
  • Special Edition Ipanema Brown with ABS and suspension fork: 10.643, – Euro; 11’880.– CHF

Stromer Universe Lucerne and Antwerp

Stromer once again focuses on its proven in-house exhibition in 2022 in order to present all its new products at one time in a special atmosphere. In the “Viscose Eventhalle” in Emmenbrücke/Lucerne and in “Felix Pakhuis” in Antwerp, trading partners and invited guests had the opportunity to talk to the management, market managers, product managers, and marketing team of Stromer and to take a test ride of the new models in urban traffic. The focus was shared between the new flagship ST7 with Pinion gearbox and electronic Pinion Smart.Shift system, the ST3 Special Edition in Ipanema Brown, and the 25 km/h model from Desiknio, Stromer’s new brand. The guests in Antwerp were also able to enjoy two evening events with shows.

#HereToChangeMobility event

For the first time, Stromer organized the side event #HereToChangeMobility on the third day of the Stromer Universe in Antwerp. The event was dedicated to current mobility trends, the health of employees, and mobility solutions for the future. The event was targeted toward leading mobility managers who are aware of sustainability, who are looking for inspiration, and who wish to create added value for their mobility policies. At the heart of the presentation was a panel discussion moderated by sports journalist Ruben Van Gucht (VRT) on the topic of mobility, featuring Koen Kennis (Alderman of Mobility), Brecht Mangelschots (Sr. Reward Consultant SD Worx), Jean-Marc Ponteville (Press & PR D’Ieteren) and Tomi Viiala (Co-CEO myStromer AG).

Both the Stromer Universe and the #HereToChangeMobility event were a resounding success among international partners and key accounts. In addition, a number of interested end customers also made good use of the opportunity to test the new Stromer models on-site on public days.


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