Stromer Partners With Spanninga for Increased Visibility

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STROMER ST2 was initially launched in 2014 as the first ever fully connected speed-pedelec. As a market leader in the speed-pedelec sector in 8 countries, they introduce this year a completely redesigned version as the first speed-pedelec with belt drive – durable, low-maintenance, easy-care and customizable. For the typical STROMER integrated position light, they chose to partner with light specialist SPANNINGA.

The recognizable daytime running light offers best vision and visibility of the users, it already stands as a symbol on the models ST3 and ST5 and is now available on the new belt drive model ST2 realized by Spanninga.

Fully incorporated onto the bike frame and with barely visible cables, it really stands out night and day. The new variant developed with SPANNINGA now integrates the latest LED technology allowing a super bright (120 Lumens) and diffuse light spread. It indeed features COB LED, or Chip On Board LED. Multiple LED chips are bonded directly onto a substrate to form a single module. High efficiency COB LED lights offer many benefits including a higher light emitting area, better heat dissipation, decreased light loss, and increased viewing angles. Because the substrate can be bent or follow any shape, there are endless design possibilities. At SPANNINGA, this LED type is really common-place, and many of our front and rear lights are equipped with this technology for several years.

As part of the durable and low-maintenance core idea behind the new ST2 model, the position light has also been designed to guarantee easier dismantling in case of maintenance need.

“Safety, efficiency, and riding pleasure while commuting are central aspects in the development of STROMER products. A powerful light system with daylight, headlights and back light including brakelight, is, in addition to reliable brakes and great tire performance for high directional stability and grip in any weather, crucial for riding safety. STROMER’s design standards always aim to combine aesthetic and technology to achieve a clean design, including in the integration the daylight into the head which has become a trademark” declares Fabienne Gilliéron, Communications Manager at MyStromer AG

STROMER works with high-quality components and the best partners to achieve the optimal integrated design for their bike models. SPANNINGA is proud to share the same values.

More information about the new STROMER ST2 models: https://www.stromerbike.com/en/models/st2

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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