Stromer + Desiknio strengthens leadership team with two new hires

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Desiknio, manufacturer of premium electric bikes and sister company to Stromer, is pleased to announce two new important players for the brand: Morten Kristiansen as the new managing director and Max-Louis Wolff as the new brand manager.

Morten Kristiansen, 43, started in mid-November and is responsible for the global brand and business development. Prior to Desiknio, Kristiansen held global leadership positions at United Wheels, Allite Material Science, and Dorel Sports, among others, where he fostered award-winning product development, market expansion, and business growth across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.

Tomi Viiala, co-CEO at Stromer, on filling this important position, says, “We are delighted to welcome Morten to our team. With his broad experience and cycling knowledge we believe he can continue to implement our growth plans. He has the right background to bring Desiknio to the next level with his experience.”

“I have had the privilege of being part of the cycling industry long enough to see the continuous evolution of rider participation and product innovation. I have been fortunate enough to work with brands that appeal to the complete spectrum of consumers, from beginners all the way to avid professionals,” says Kristiansen. “Desiknio is in a unique position within the industry to offer a highly sought-after and premium product with an incredible potential for growth and global expansion.

“Both Stromer and Desiknio have long been industry leaders and I am excited to be contributing to the development of such an exciting brand.”

Kristiansen will be based at the Desiknio Headquarters in Granada, Spain.

Max-Louis Wolff, 30, joined the Stromer team on December 1st as the brand manager for Desiknio. His e-bike marketing journey began at Leon Cycle GmbH. As a marketing specialist, he was responsible for online and print campaigns, along with performance marketing activities. He was additionally tasked with establishing a physical store in Hannover. He was part of the founding team at LEGEND EBIKES GmbH, where, in the position of marketing manager and procurator, he was responsible for all marketing activities, from brand building to performance marketing and market analysis.

The German bike and sports enthusiast will focus on defining and implementing a comprehensive brand strategy for Desiknio. This includes creating a clear brand differentiation and strengthening the brand image. His personal goal is to elevate Desiknio to the next level and establish a solid position for the brand on the e-bike market. He will be working from the new Desiknio office in Frankfurt, Germany.

“As the brand manager for Desiknio at Stromer, I am passionately focused on not just representing a brand but telling a story,” says Wolff. “Together, we will redefine the bicycle industry and secure an unmistakable place for Desiknio in the vibrant e-bike market.”

New hires Max-Louis Wolff (left) and Morten Kristiansen (right)

About Stromer + Desiknio

Founded in 2010 and based in Oberwangen, Switzerland, Stromer is shaping the future of mobility with its Speed Pedelecs. myStromer AG produces all of its e-bikes at the Oberwangen site and is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category (fast e-bikes up to 28 mph). The company employs around 140 people, has two subsidiaries (USA and Netherlands,) and sells its S-Pedelecs in 23 countries. Since 2021, the Spanish brand Desiknio has enhanced the product range with high-quality urban bikes (up to 20 mph). With its premium e-bikes and accessories, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the 245 million miles traveled on Stromers. Stromer is #HereToChange. For more information visit us.stromerbike.com.


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