Six Steps Towards Sustainability

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Source: LEVA-EU member Promovec For being a sustainable and green company, you need more than just “keeping up appearances” or doing it because it is a “trendy thing”; it is about working hard and have a clear strategy on how to be as green as possible throughout the whole supply chain and organization. Furthermore, all green values should be shared by all within the organization. The usual business should be green instead of “just” falling back to doing business as we did before.

1. STEP – sustainable packaging box. At Promovec, the company is continuously looking for improvement internally. Their plan for the immediate future shows ambition to innovate and contribute to the world’s challenges. They have gone from the black, colorful battery packaging boxes to a reasonable and sustainable packaging box. The new packaging boxes are recyclable and entirely made from cardboard. The material has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and they get it from a local source.

2. STEP – healthy lifestyle. Internally Promovec encourages all employees to have a focus on a green and healthy lifestyle. The company has become a certified Bicycle-friendly Workplace. The campaign helps to increase the focus on a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. By cycling, we can save the climate a tremendous amount of CO2 and help to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

3. STEP – renewable energy. Overall, Promovec is always seeking to become more sustainable. Their battery production facilities use 100% renewable energy and is supplied by sustainable energy sources. Furthermore, they use a CO2-neutral server for running the website and LED lights with 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency.

4. STEP – sustainable bonds. In order to be as sustainable as possible, the company has changed the company’s pension fund. By doing so, they can now buy sustainable bonds. It fits the vision and philosophy regarding Promovec’s green values.

5. STEP – new sustainable HQ
. In 2022 Promovec will move intoa new headquarter just outside Aarhus. The building will be the first in Denmark to reach a golden certification standard in DGNB. The measurements of the DGBN system are based on three key factors; sustainability areas of ecology, economy, and sociocultural.

6. STEP – green ambitions. When it comes to the batteries, recycling is essential for Promovec, as they contain valuable and hazardous materials. To reduce the environmental footprint even further and incorporate green ambitions into daily routine, they gave the waste management system an overhaul to make sure that the company recycle as much as possible.

Photo credits Promovec.

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