Segway’s Lite L60E sets the standards

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Following the launch of its AI-powered S90L e-scooter at Micromobility Europe in 2022, LEVA-EU member Segway-Ninebot introduces the Lite L60E, continuing to develop its range whilst recognising the user community and their accompanying environments.

Strategic developments in improving shared mobility vehicle hardware take precedence over rapid expansion plans, as even the slightest modifications can have significant cost implications. Interests and requests are considered, and Segway’s new e-scooter, the Lite L60E, has been launched to provide safe, efficient and affordable riding.

Segway’s Strategic Product Manager, Yao Yao, commented, “Designed with a focus not only on operators’ unit economics but also on the experience for riders and citizens on the streets, we are leveraging our engineering and extensive sharing business expertise to empower operators with the Segway Lite L60E.”, further mentioning, “This innovative vehicle is aimed at optimising unit economics, prioritising road safety, and enhancing the overall riding experience.”

Technical efficiency

Segway’s latest e-scooter is powered by a new 48V 576Wh battery, meaning a single charge increases the range by 30% to 65km. This naturally reduces the need for battery changes and charging, and therefore benefits the end user considerably. What’s more, highly accurate positioning by way of onboard data storage, dual-band GNSS and multi-constellation tech, means that operations teams can locate each vehicle with accuracy and efficiency in their daily tasks.

The L60E additionally comes with improved CAN bus communication, transferring data up to eight times faster than UART communication and optimising the main control bus cable from 8pin to 5pin. This means simplified operation management and servicing.

Safety improvements

Frame strength was the initial focus for Segway’s safety improvements, initiated by a series of tests to meet the manufacturer’s new standards. A vibration test was performed one million times to ensure it could surpass hostile and unfathomable terrains, while a 96-hour salt spray test that encompassed electrophoresis and powder coating processes was also performed. Passing such tests means reduced repair costs and an extended lifetime for the e-scooter.

In addition to frame safety, the L60E’s aluminium stem was put through its paces with a 600N thrust force performed over 300,000 times. The more powerful 48V battery, meanwhile, has new dual-housing that provides collision and drop protection, whilst also operating at a quieter level and delivering a more linear acceleration.

Enhancing the user’s experience

To improve the overall riding experience, Segway has additionally increased the width of the foot pad by 30% and has overhauled the dashboard to display only crucial information to include slow-riding, no-parking and no-riding zones.

Some of Segway’s championed features have remained, however. The front dual suspension system, front 11.5” and rear 10.5” PU-filled tires, a high-powered 400W motor that boosts gradability up to 14%, and new generation IoT for improved positioning and location accuracy are standard.


Due to the variety in country and city regulations and requirements, different customisation packages are available for the L60E, each helping to reduce costs where possible. Owners can select from two versions (EU and KC) and three vehicle types: Lite L60E, Lite L60L, and Lite L60X.

The Segway Lite L60E was on display at the Micromobility Industries European summit in Amsterdam earlier in June.


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