Segway-Ninebot showcase new features for 2023

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Source: Clean Rider M. Torregrossa

LEVA-EU member Segway-Ninebot is expanding its range of electric scooters in 2023, from entry-level to advanced models.

The Sino-American brand presented its new range at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where their 125 electric scooter, the Segway E300SE took stage with other models.

G2 Max: an upscaled option

In comparison to the 2019 MAX G30, the new MAX G2 can boast more power and better performance. An integrated rear wheel motor that develops 900 watts of peak power, a double suspension system and a new 551 Wh battery, propel the scooter to 25 km/h and offers a certified alternative to the new Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. A supplementary feature is the integration with Apple’s “Find My” function, meaning the scooter can be easily located via a mobile phone.

The cost of the new Segway G2 is not yet announced, although prices are estimated to be around 1,000 €

Segway-Ninebot MAX G2Segway-Ninebot MAX G30
Nominal Power450W350W
Peak Power900W700W
Max Speed25km/h25km/h
Maximum Range50km65km

A revisited F2 range

The F2 Series has also been redeveloped to address mid-range requirements. Comprising three models – F2, F2 Plus and F2 Pro – the updated models have a wider handlebar and integrated indicators.

Segway-Ninebot F2Segway-Ninebot F2 PlusSegway-Ninebot F2 Pro
Rated Power400W400W450W
Peak Power800W800W900W
Max Speed25km/h25km/h25km/h
Battery367 Wh460 Wh460 Wh
Maximum Range40km55km55km

The developments are largely based around battery upgrades, where the basic models detail a pack of 367 Wh and the F2 Plus increases to 460 Wh. The F2 Pro, with upgrades to the front suspension and engine obtained from the G2, generates 900 watts of maximum power.

Segway E2: the entry level option

Two models in the E2 series are the latest low-cost offer from Segway, specifically designed for short journeys. The E2 showcases a 450 watt motor and a small 220 Wh battery that allow a single-charge journey of 25km and a 20km/h maximum speed. The E2 Plus has the same battery but a more powerful engine that delivers 25km/h.

Segway-Ninebot E2Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus
Nominal Power250W300W
Peak Power450W500W
EngineFront WheelFront Wheel
Max Speed20km/h25km/h
Maximum Range25km25km

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