QWIC recognized for excellence in design by German Design Awards 2022

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Dutch e-bike manufacturer and LEVA-EU member QWIC has won the prestigious German Design Award 2022 with its latest e-bike, the Atlas. The Atlas was crowned the winner in the category – Excellent Product Design – Bicycles and E-Bikes. The jury only awards this prize to products of outstanding design quality. The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards in the world.

The Atlas is the newest e-bike in the QWIC collection and belongs to the equally new Adventure segment. This adventure e-bike is designed for people who strive for fun and safe rides on all surfaces and under all circumstances. It is an e-bike for commuting which is also very suitable for the adventurous detour back home.

Innovative design
The integration of the battery into the unisex frame of the e-bike is particularly innovative; for the first time at QWIC, the battery has been moved from a downtube integration to a top tube integration. This clever innovation not only enhances the geometry of the bike, it also makes the Atlas particularly ergonomic.

Brute force, adventure & GPS
With an eye on maximum performance, even on off-road trails, the Atlas is equipped with a powerful battery and powerful motor. Thick off-road tires provide low rolling resistance and maximum grip on forest roads and gravel. The geometry and suspension components are ideal for rough roads, both uphill and downhill. For long distances the Atlas is ideal, all your luggage and accessories can be easily carried. Thanks to the GPS system the Atlas is always connected and traceable. 

Ludovica Zengiaro, Product Designer QWIC: “When thinking about this bike, we envisioned a new user interaction regarding our battery, with an intuitive and easy to access top tube placement. This resulted in a robust frame which looks and feels very safe. When driving on the Atlas, you have a feeling of being in total control of the ride. The frame, with the angled top tube, created a new archetype: sporty and tough but at the same time ergonomic and comfortable.”

German Design Awards
The German Design Awards are being presented for the tenth time this year. For this anniversary occasion, the theme is “How Designers Think”. Excellent design means providing answers to the challenges of our time and the future. The top international jury honors groundbreaking design achievements that meet these requirements and makes them visible in all sectors.

The award ceremony of the German Design Awards 2022 will take place in February 2022.

About QWIC QWIC is a fast-growing manufacturer of premium design e-bikes. The producer is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. QWIC’s ambition is to reduce current mobility problems and environmental pollution by developing innovative electric bicycles. With a modern design and the use of the best components, QWIC takes its electric bicycles to a higher level every year. This is proven by the many e-bike awards that QWIC has recently won, such as the AD Bicycle Test 2021 and internationally recognized design awards such as the iF DESIGN AWARDS 2020 and the prestigious Red Dot Design


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