QWIC Mira, the e-bike for an active lifestyle

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On the first day of Eurobike 2022, LEVA-EU member QWIC presented a brand new e-bike, the QWIC Mira. This comfort e-bike has been specially designed to make everyday life easier and more comfortable. With the Mira you can maneuver comfortably through the day.

The QWIC Mira invites you to go cycling. From functional bike rides to trips through nature, the Mira is versatile.

Comfort and power

The high-quality parts of the Mira offer the comfort that we have come to expect from QWIC. The iconic low step-through frame ensures that you can get on and off easily, even with groceries and children on the bike. The powerful QWIC battery (known from the luxurious Premium Q and adventurous Atlas) is positioned in such a way that it can be installed and removed smoothly.

Versatile e-bike

With the various cargo options, the Mira is perfect for all kinds of purposes and easy to adapt. Thanks to the sturdy rear carrier, the Mira can carry 27 kg of cargo. The MIK HD click system makes it easy to change accessory. For example, by removing the child seat when you go into town to have a drink.

Mira Daily & Mira Tour

The QWIC Mira is available in two versions, the Daily and the Tour version. The Daily is the perfect bike for all daily activities. This version comes with a powerful 65Nm motor and chain drive. The QWIC Mira Tour gives you just that little bit of extra comfort you need for longer distances and hilly terrain thanks to an even more powerful motor (80Nm) and belt drive.

Both models are available in Jet Black color. The Mira Daily also has a fresh Sage Green version and the Mira Tour is available in the elegant Desert Copper color.

QWIC Dealer Shows

QWIC dealers can experience the QWIC Mira for themselves during the QWIC Dealer Shows in August and September in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All technical questions about this new model will also be answered.

Prices and options

The QWIC Mira Daily is for sale for €3,499 and the price of the QWIC Mira Tour is €4,099. The Mira comes standard with a 522 Wh battery and an optional 756 Wh battery is available (surcharge €420). Other options include the QWIC charging station (€299) and GPS connectivity (€199).

For sale

Delivery of the QWIC Mira will start in the fourth quarter of 2022.


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