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Tempe, Arizona – LEVA-EU member Pivot opens up new riding horizons with the E-Vault. Evolved from the acclaimed multi-surface Vault, the E-Vault is a refined fusion of technology that bolsters human capability with electric assist, expanding possibilities and exploring limits.

Evolved from the acclaimed all-terrain all-star Vault, the E-Vault is a lightweight, responsive, nimble handling machine that is equally at home on city streets as it is on gravel missions in the back of nowhere. Pivot’s proprietary carbon fiber construction minimizes weight, optimizes strength and responsiveness, and incorporates functionally elegant design touches such as patent-pending ISO-FLEX ride damping and massive tire clearance. A Fazua motor and battery module is unobtrusively integrated into this versatile chassis, amplifying rider inputs when desired and radically enhancing the potential of every ride.

“This bike is a game changer,” says Chris Cocalis, Pivot’s founder and CEO. ”With the stealth  incorporation of a motor and battery into what is already an incredibly versatile platform, the E-Vault brings a whole new level of fun and adventure to pavement and gravel riding. It can enable riders of vastly different strength and endurance to enjoy riding together, and it will allow riders of all levels to up the fun factor as well as expand the range and the terrain that they currently enjoy.”

Featuring a motor that can be adjusted on-the-fly to three different levels of assist ranging from 100 and 250 watts, the E-Vault can provide a gentle tailwind at the end of a long ride, or it can be the secret key to a killer sprint. A powerful 252 watt-hour battery fuels ample range for back of beyond exploration, and an ingenious gearbox decouples completely for natural, drag-free riding when the motor is not needed. Most e-assist motors do not decouple like this, rendering non-assist riding akin to pedaling through quicksand. The E-Vault allows riders to power-up their riding when needed, yet still enjoy responsive, lively performance when pedaling by muscle alone. This synthesis of muscle and motor ushers in a whole new world of riding; a world where boundaries fall away and possibilities are limitless.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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