Pigalle reveals VanMoof-inspired collection ‘Freedom Fields’ at Paris Fashion Week 2021

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Source: VanMoof, Amsterdam – LEVA-EU member VanMoof and Pigalle join forces to create a unique collection of iconic, customized one-off editions, entitled “Freedom Fields”. Described as a “creative conversion between two worlds and two cultures,” the Parisian-based fashion label and Dutch e-bike pioneers create a project that celebrates the joy of riding and being together again. The signature collaboration combines Stéphane Ashpool’s vision with the unique design of VanMoof’s bikes.

The project aims to transform the perception of e-bikes and bring a new creative flair to what many might ordinarily assume to be a utilitarian mode of transport. It elevates the already emblematic bikes of the Dutch brand through an original artistic installation and helps the audience see the familiar through an alternative lens. No stranger to striking collaborations, the stylistic designer chameleon Stéphane Ashpool adds another string to his bow with a project developed hand-in-hand with VanMoof.

The creative partnership produced vibrant colorized versions of the notorious VanMoof X3, with the ride’s minimalist design and refined details wildly re-imagined by Ashpool. The bike’s highly identifiable X-shaped frame has been imprinted with Pigalle’s DNA, as the ride becomes the site at which fashion, music, color, and strong community spirit converge.

For Stéphane Ashpool, biking is a fundamental part of his daily life. Convinced of the power of the bicycle for over 10 years, the Parisian designer rides the streets of the French capital. Synonymous with freedom, bikes are always his go-to when it comes to getting around the world’s cities. Through his Freedom Fields collection, the founder of Pigalle wanted to communicate the liberating power that cycling offers.

As the pandemic has pushed city dwellers to rethink the way they move and rethink our cities, Stéphane Ashpool positions himself as an ambassador for the transition towards greener, more connected, more joyful cities, while preserving a strong community spirit. The project goes beyond the bold customization of the VanMoof S3 & X3: Freedom Fields acts as an appeal to city dwellers, calling on them to free themselves from the status quo of big cities and reconnect with the benefits of cycling.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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