National Trust Reduce Carbon Footprint with Electric Cycles

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The UK’s National Trust is on a mission to become carbon net zero by 2030. To help the National Trust reduce reliance on diesel-powered vehicles, Raleigh has donated several electric bikes and electric cargocycles across 11 of their sites to change the way they carry out some of their daily activities.

The National Trust is one of the UK’s most loved charities with a mission to care for nature, beauty, and history. With properties and locations spanning the width and breadth of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the National Trust looks after history and nature for current and future generations.

In 2020, the National Trust set out plans to reduce its environmental footprint and to be carbon neutral by 2030. To help them get there, Raleigh has donated a selection of eCargo bikes and eBikes to be used across 11 of the National Trust’s properties, including Tyntesfield in North Somerset, Blickling Estate in Norfolk, and Lyme Park in Cheshire.

The bikes support and enable staff and volunteers to move around the grounds easily, while reducing the National Trust’s carbon footprint. Not only that, but the use of e-bikes and e-cargocycles can be a talking point with visitors, enabling staff to speak to the public about the Trust’s environmental ambitions.

The bikes will be used for short journeys that don’t need a vehicle to fulfil the job, such as unlocking gates and taking small loads from one area to another. In addition to their environmental benefits, the electric bikes will help staff connect with nature, visitors, and their surroundings whilst getting a dose of exercise. The bikes will assist riders when they need it, making even the biggest hill enjoyable. For the National Trust, the use of these e-bikes and e-cargocycles are more than just a means of getting from A to B. By using electric bikes as part of the normal working day, staff and volunteers can go about their work whilst connecting with nature and helping bring down their climate footprint. 

Founded in 1895 the National Trust cares for over 500 UK properties as well as hundreds of miles of coastline and countryside. This includes the homes of authors and inventors, great estates and breath-taking protected landscapes.  Discover more about the National Trusts pledge.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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