My-eScooter launches battery regeneration service for sustainable mobility in Belgium

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My-eScooter, the Nivelles-based company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative electric scooters, announces the launch of its brand-new battery regeneration service in Belgium.

This technological advance marks an important step in the field of sustainable mobility. It demonstrates My-eScooter’s commitment to promoting an efficient transition towards even more environmentally friendly transport solutions.

Battery life and performance

My-eScooter is not in the business of shared scooters, but in that of electric mobility serving individuals wishing to buy a scooter for regular use, and businesses.

“We are aware of the challenges and criticisms faced by electric bikes and scooters. Particularly when it comes to battery life and performance. In addition to the limited number of charge cycles of a battery, we find that the majority of users do not charge their scooter during the winter. As a result, the battery is completely discharged, or even damaged when we want to use it again,” explains Sanjeev D’Souza*, founder of the My-eScooter brand.

Regenerate up to 80% of initial capacity

Since its launch in 2017, My-eScooter has always innovated based on the reality on the ground for Belgian users. The replaceable batteries on some of its models are proof of this. My-eScooter is determined to maximize their use while minimizing their environmental impact. The battery regeneration service allows used batteries to be restored by recovering up to 80% of their initial capacity. Bye bye new battery, hello extended lifespan!

The advantages of battery regeneration:

  • Decreased demand for raw materials
  • Reduced costs associated with battery replacement
  • Contribution to the reduction of electronic waste
  • Recovery of up to 80% of initial capacity
  • 30 to 40% more economical than buying a new battery
  • The battery of your scooter does not leave Europe

My-eScooter after-sales service is carried out in Belgium. My-eScooter’s battery regeneration service uses cutting-edge technologies to evaluate, restore and test batteries. The service is carried out in Europe to guarantee optimal performance and reduce CO2 emissions.

Longer-lasting batteries, a cleaner future

By launching this new battery regeneration service, My-eScooter reaffirms its commitment to sustainable mobility. Companies, their employees, and private users can now benefit from an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to extend the life of their electric scooters.

“Our new battery regeneration service represents a major step forward for our brand and reinforces our initial commitment. We are ready to offer this service for other brands and other types of solutions linked to sustainable mobility such as electric bicycles or forklifts for example,” says Sanjeev D’Souza, founder of the My-eScooter brand.


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