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At CIXI, we want to transform ‘passive’ journeys that are part of our busy days into moments of
conscious effort for a more active and healthy lifestyle. We want to ‘reactivate’ everyday
journeys. Our patented chainless pedaling system is our commitment to make all of this
possible. From enabling people to enjoy bicycles in a new, reliable, and intuitive way, to
empowering the industry to create new geometries free from chain constraints, we are
envisioning the VIGOZ, an everyday vehicle, weather-protected, that can take you pedaling
safely up to 120 km/h, to share that our vision of wellness through active mobility is possible and
within reach for everyone.

PERS: Making customized active mobility possible for all

We call it PERS, our patented electronic crankset without a chain or belt, which relieves the
geometric constraints of mechanical transmission to create new types of active vehicles.
Offering a tailor-made experience, PERS adapts pedal resistance according to the rider’s style.
Following a rapid setup and customization phase, the rider selects their desired effort level
(light, moderate, or heavy), and our PERS takes care of the rest. You don’t have to be an athlete
to actively travel 20 or 30 km to work – our technology makes active mobility possible for all!

VIGOZ: A unique riding experience

Equipped with CIXI’s PERS chainless electronic crankset, the VIGOZ enables riders to reach
speeds of up to 120 km/h with variable levels of effort. Approved for use on all public roads,
including motorways, the VIGOZ has a battery range of up to 160 km of autonomy. The VIGOZ
is built for a new driving experience: Our PERS automatically manages the speed according to
the rider’s desired settings and pedal intensity, and to ensure a smooth and safe ride, the
vehicle automatically tilts when cornering – it’s a new kind of active mobility.


CIXI was founded in 2016 by Pierre FRANCIS, an EDHEC graduate, and an experienced
entrepreneur, followed by Carlos TORRES, Nina OMEROVIC BECCALLI, and Nicolas
OHLMAN with complementary skills and backgrounds, who share the vision of a healthier and
more sustainable transport system.

Currently, we are a team of 65 employees from all corners of the globe, committed to building a
responsible company to bring active, safe, and energy-efficient vehicles to life. We design and
assemble our products at our factory in Haute-Savoie, contributing to the creation of local jobs
and the development of know-how and expertise in France and Europe.

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