Market Report on Cargo Cycle Logistics in Germany

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The first extensive market report about (electric) cargo cycle logistics in Germany has been published by Radlogistik Verband Deutschland: ‘’Optimism in times of a pandemic’’. The report delivers information on the German market size, the potential of these vehicles and on how to optimize the use of cargo cycles for logistics.

As elsewhere in Europe, (electric) cargo cycles are seen as a more sustainable form of transporting goods in German cities. Creating clean logistic chains has becomes increasingly important in cities, now that there has been a huge boom in parcel deliveries due to the corona pandemic.  

The German association Radlogistik Verband Deutschland eV (RLVD) carried out a survey to get a better comprehension of the (electric) cargo cycle logistic industry in Germany. Small- and medium sized enterprises related to the industry were surveyed such as manufacturers, service compagnies and research institutes.

At the end of 2020, the German sector was still relatively small with some 100 compagnies, 2,600 employees and a turnover of around €76 million. Despite this relatively small size, growth potential is there and the sector has definitely boomed during the corona pandemic.

Several results of the survey support the claim about growth potential. Almost 70% of the participants expect to hire additional staff in 2021. No-one is planning any layoffs and 75% of the compagnies believe that their sales figures will increase.

”The development of cargo cycle logistics is extremely positive’’ says Martin Schmidt, board member of the association. He also acknowledges that: ”If we want to fully capture the potential of clean and sustainable cities, politicians need to step up there game to promote and support the uptake of cargo cycles as a means of transport in this sector.” It would for instance be wise to have similar incentives for electric cargo cycles as for electric cars (EVs).  

”Cargo cycle logistics is safe. More than 1.6 million kilometer was driven with these vehicles in 2020 and no significant accidents have been recorded”, says Thomas Schmitz, second board member of the association. ”In accordance with our traffic code, users of cargo cycles ride their vehicle with care and responsibility towards other road users. Cargo cycles are on average well maintained and are safe vehicles, even with substantial cargo loads.

Here is a link to the article (German).

Photo: Radlogistik Verband Deutschland e.V.

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