MAHLE X20 ePowers the new eUrban bike from Mondraker

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The urban version from Mondraker: Dusty SX

Small details make the Dusty SX a very versatile bike, ready for urban and interurban tours as a friend to ride and enjoy every day of the week. Mondraker has used the Dusty model to launch one of the lightest urban cross bikes on the market, made with carbon fiber.

The Spanish brand arose from the idea of reaching all the needs of today´s riders in particular the urban-interurban areas, thanks to their own experience on eBikes. This Dusty model still maintains gravel features and is very similar to the Dusty e-gravel but with a modern character that will attract attention in the streets of the cities.

Urban attitude for the new Dusty SX

The versatility of the new Dusty SX ePowered by MAHLE X20 looks to make it one of the fastest urban bikes on the market, always ready to move nimbly through cities more quickly as well as being a bike to enjoy different routes on the weekend.

Comfort & control are some of the key qualities of the new Dusty SX, aiming for the best shock absorption with dropped seatstays, essential to take on the obstacles of the city. It is fully compatible with 1X and double chainring drivetrains, integrated seat post clamp and integrated bar and stem cable guiding.

Powered by X20 System: More autonomy, more enjoyable

The new Dusty SX ePowered by MAHLE’s X20 System can travel up to 180km and more than 2.400 meters, thanks to the integrated battery iX350 with its 350Wh.

The Range Extender e185 applies 171 Wh of extra power, allowing the rider to go further than ever by extending the electric range up to 60 kilometers, making it possible to ride in the city up to 200 kilometers without charging the bike. This is possible thanks to a system of only 3,6kg, the lightest engine on the market even with the more powerful version of the X20 System battery iX350.

Customize your power for a natural pedaling

With this system, you can pedal naturally without friction at 55 Nm of torque with a seamless automatic start.

With 3 different levels of assistance, you can customize the power contribution. Level 1 has a continuous power contribution of 25%, level 2 reaches 50% and level 3 goes up to 200% (varying between 75% and 200% depending on the torque input by the rider). The eShifters will allow you to change and customize the assistance level instantly without taking your hand off the bars, thanks to the remote shifter.

None of the 3 levels of assistance feel intrusive. Even in assist mode 3, you can maintain the same pedaling smoothness, avoiding any unwanted power spikes.

The new Dusty SX will provide the rider with an outstanding balance between the power applied and the assistance provided by the X20 System. All the levels will apply progressive and proportional power to make the ride easier and enjoyable.

To take control of the ride, the PulsarOne wireless display allows the rider to see data about the battery life or assistance level at a single glance.

Dusty SX is versatile and the ideal bike for urban routes, the solution to arrive at your destination faster and enjoy your rides every day of the week, with the potential and security of having the best electric system on the market.


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