MAHLE X20 ePowers the first e-Gravel bike from Mondraker

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LEVA-EU member, MAHLE SmartBike Systems, is the core of Mondraker’s adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain-focused gravel e-bike.

Mondraker has embraced the Gravel category, launching the Dusty, its first electric gravel bike, as a way to return to the origins of cycling based on fun, the ability to go further, and the pleasure of pedaling over more complicated terrain. All of this comes with a very marked off-road character, something that is in perfect alignment with the philosophy that Mondraker applies to all its mountain bikes.

The versatility of the new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 looks to encompass the three most in-demand disciplines of gravel bikes: adventure, long-distance, and technical terrain.

The e-Gravel adventure bike
For short and explosive rides when there is only an hour or for those 1-2 days, the Dusty offers all the range a rider could ever need by just choosing the length and intensity of the ride.

e-Gravel bike for long distances
The new Dusty ePowered by MAHLE X20 System can travel up to 180km with its 350Wh internal battery, depending on the level of assistance and altitude gain. The Range Extender e185 applies 171 Wh of extra power, allowing the rider to go farther than ever by extending the electric range for up to 60 kilometers.

e-Gravel riding on more technical terrain
The new Dusty has been designed to offer unparalleled damping, providing significant comfort and control over technical terrain, enabling the rider to take the eBike far beyond what is imaginable.
Mondraker has collaborated with MAHLE to develop specific firmware to define the assistance characteristics of the motor for use on gravel eBikes, with the goal of simulating the effort always made by the rider. This concept is called “WATTS ON DEMAND,” and follows these three core principles: Non-intrusive system, sufficient support to satisfy use for gravel riding and an “unlimited” range.

MAHLE X20: The most natural assisted pedaling experience
The new Dusty is ePowered by MAHLE X20, the lightest system on the market, weighing in at only 3.6 kg (iX350 battery included), and the most advanced in its class, offering a frictionless 55 Nm of torque with a seamless start and cutoff to the assistance.
The Dusty has three levels of assistance that are fully configurable through the MySmartBike App. Regardless of which of the three available assistance levels is selected, the lack of aggressive pedaling transitions provides an excellent balance between the power applied and the assistance provided by the MAHLE X20 System. As such, the assistance of the motor at all three levels is applied progressively and is proportional to the cadence. Regardless of the selected level, the contribution is progressive and completely natural.


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