LEVA-EU organizes first E-Bike Dealer Trip to China

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The first LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip to China takes place from 3rd until 10th November 2019. The Trip is aimed at European electric bicycle dealers and is meant to provide dealers with a better understanding of the Chinese e-bike business. It is also a unique opportunity for suppliers to incentivize their dealers, who will get to meet with colleagues from all over Europe. 

LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe to work exclusively for the Light, Electric Vehicle (LEV) sector, including electric bicycles. LEVA-EU’s main working principle is to build bridges between companies, countries and continents. LEVA-EU wants to assist people in the LEV-business to get deeper insights that result in better understanding and more cooperation for the benefit of the whole business.

In this framework, China is a major player. All e-bike dealers in Europe sell products originating from China, whether it is the aluminium frames, the motors or the batteries in the electric bikes on display in their (web)shops. Thanks to its vast network, LEVA-EU is able to offer European E-Bike dealers and their suppliers a unique insight into the Chinese E-Bike business.

Well-known names such as Bafang (motors), Phylion and Worldpower (batteries) have whole-heartedly agreed to open their doors to welcome the European E-Bike dealers for a visit to their factories. Furthermore, the group will visit TAILG, a producer of quality e-bikes, but also electric mopeds and e-motorcycles. Another well-known name on the programme is Dahon, whilst a visit to a manufacturer of electric scooters is also scheduled. In short, this Trip offers an overall picture of the different aspects of the existing e-bike business, as well as of potential extensions to that business into other vehicles.

The Trip will combine business with pleasure, offering sufficient time to explore and enjoy Chinese culture and cuisine in Suzhou and Hongkong. Also, the Trip is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of Europe and exchange ideas with them on the e-bike business.

The LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip is just as well an excellent opportunity for distributors who want to incentivize their dealers. By engaging in this Trip together with their dealers, they will undoubtedly strengthen their relationship.

LEVA-EU organizes this E-Bike Dealer Trip 2019 in cooperation with the Dutch information platform Nieuwsfiets.nu. Managing Director, Arnauld Hackmann, has a long experience in organizing study trips to the Far East. Furthermore, the Trip takes place at a time when business is usually quiet, from 3rd till 10th November.

The Trip is almost all-inclusive: flights (A’Dam – Hongkong), all transport in China, hotels, meals, … The trip to and from Amsterdam is the only thing participants have to arrange for themselves. The LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip is very competitively priced at € 2,175 per person, staying in a double room. LEVA-EU members enjoy a 10% discount. The Trip qualifies as a tax deductible cost.

Interested dealers and their suppliers should book as soon as possible since the number of places is limited. All further details and the registration form are available here: https://leva-eu.com/leva-eu-e-bike-dealer-trip/

Dutch and Flemish dealers can find further details in Dutch here: https://nieuwsfiets.nu/nieuwsfiets-dealerreis/

You can also contact Annick Roetynck (in English, Dutch, French and German) at LEVA-EU for further information: annick@leva-eu.com, tel. + 32 9 233 60 05.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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