LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes Delivers Last Mile and Transportation Solutions to the EU

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Rad Power Bikes is expanding its EU operations by launching the RadBurro electric cargo trike and a dedicated Commercial Division.

LEVA-EU Member Rad Power Bikes is bringing sustainable transportation and last-mile delivery solutions to Europe through the formation of a dedicated Commercial Division and the release of its RadBurro, an electric cargo trike with a 1,500W motor and proprietary modular attachments that can haul a payload of up to 315 kg. Unlike traditional European ebikes, Rad Power Bikes’ RadBurro and fleet of ebikes feature more power, pedal assistance, and an on-demand throttle, giving businesses and government operations a realistic alternative to gas powered utility vehicles. Rad Power Bikes aims to help companies contribute to reaching the EU’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Europe is taking a leading stance on eliminating carbon emissions, and we can assist in this revolution,” said Arno Saladin, Rad Power Bikes’ European Business Director. “This expansion is built off of our belief that ebikes are more of a tool than a toy, and our models especially have the ability to change the way European businesses and goods move. In addition to quality and affordability, the added support from the throttle and powerful motor allows riders of all abilities to haul heavy loads, travel long distances, and safely navigate congested areas.

Built for Business Ebikes

Rad Power Bikes’ Commercial Division will support customers in many industries, including logistics, urban and food deliveries, corporate and government transit, law enforcement, tourism, and more. Their fleet includes the previously announced RadWagon electric cargo trike and RadRhino electric fat tire bike with 750W motors, and now the 1,500W RadBurro electric cargo trike. As the first ebikes to be certified under L1e-A and L2e classifications, Rad Power Bikes’ models are European Whole Vehicle Type Approved to have more power than traditional 250W ebikes and still take advantage of bicycle infrastructure in most areas. In addition to dependable products and industry-best pricing, the Commercial Division has a full-time customer support team that provides same day responses to all issues in the field.

RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike

The RadBurro is a highly-maneuverable electric cargo trike designed to help improve operational efficiency and sustainability. The RadBurro is adaptable for a broad range of industries and use cases with its proprietary modular attachments: flatbed (90 cm x 120 cm), truck bed (90 cm x 120 cm x 30 cm), and cargo box (standard size at 134 cm x 94 cm x 119 cm or XL size at 142 cm x 94 cm x 138 cm). The RadBurro has a 1,500W motor powered by a 52.5Ah battery that can haul up to 315 kg of cargo. The etrike reaches a top speed of 25 km/h and can achieve up to 130 km on a single charge. Built with motorcycle-grade components and safety features, the RadBurro is a reliable and emission-free mobility solution.

We are so excited to bring the RadBurro to our European customers as it is arguably the most affordable and practical delivery vehicle alternative on the market today,” said Brian Rinckenberger, Commercial Division Director at Rad Power Bikes. “We launched the etrike in the U.S. within the last year, and have already seen food companies, large corporate campuses, and independent businesses improve their efficiency and carbon footprint with the RadBurro.

Learn more by visiting RadPowerBikes.eu, following Rad Power Bikes on Facebook, or stopping by the Utrecht showroom. For pricing and more information on commercial sales and the RadBurro, email b2b@radpowerbikes.com.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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