Last Chance to register for the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip 2019 to China

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Don’t miss out on the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip 2019 to China. Registrations close on Tuesday 10 September! In China, we well be welcomed by some very interesting leading component manufacturers in the E-Bike industry! This is the ultimate networking event for European E-Bike retailers and their suppliers who would like to get a better insight into the E-Bike industry, which is currently blooming.

We organize the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip 2019 in cooperation with the Dutch information platform Managing Director, Arnauld Hackmann, has a long experience in organizing study trips to the Far East. This trip to China is aimed at retailers and their suppliers and will include a number of impressive factory visits (e.g. Bafang, WorldPower, TailG, …) We will visit a variety of manufacturers of Ebike components as well as manufacturers of light, electric vehicles such as electric bikes, electric scooters, etc. The tour starts in beautiful Suzhou and moves on via Shenzhen to the final destination Hong Kong.

ACIENT TOWN | As we are in China, we must use the opportunity to visit some nice hot spots such as the city of Suzhou. Few cities in China are as famous for their luster and grandeur as Suzhou. The Italian merchant Marco Polo was the first European to visit this city many centuries ago. He described Suzhou with its many canals, hundreds of bridges and beautiful gardens and temples as an impressive and majestic city. Suzhou used to be the Chinese silk capital. Although, in recent decades, it has grown into a major city with a population of several millions in recent decades, the ancient town has been very well preserved.

METROPOLIS |  As the ultimate metropolis, Hong Kong is of course a unique experience! For example, it has one of the most impressive skylines in the world, whilst also offering many places of  natural beauty. Since the metropolis, with a population of 7 million, has its own government and legislation, it also gives a very different image of China than the rest of the People’s Republic.

DIVERSE CUISINE | During the trip we stay in comfortable 3 and 4 star hotels: Holiday Inn Express in Suzhou, Novotel Watergate in Shenzhen and the Royal Pacific and Towers in Hong Kong. These hotels have been carefully selected and you will be short of nothing. You will also be introduced to Asian cuisine, which is particularly varied. The factories, which we visit treat us to lunch or dinner and as a result we end up in the best restaurants. The evening hours are without exception cozy and sometimes continue until the small hours.

TAILOR MADE | In order to make the journey as smooth as possible, Arnauld Hackmann has from the start made grateful use of the expertise of ANKO Business Travel, which specializes in business trips. Should you have particular wishes, for example regarding traveling in a more luxurious class or extending your stay in Asia, ANKO can easily present you with tailor-made solutions.

Register here,, before Tuesday 10 September!

The LEVA-EU Ebike Biztrip 2019 is only accessible to colleagues who work in the (electric) bicycle industry. Unfortunately, interested consumers are not allowed to join this inspiring business trip.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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