Laka collaborates with Sigma Sports and CycleSoftware

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Laka has partnered with Sigma Sports and CycleSoftware to provide customers with insurance solutions at the point of sale (POS). 30 days of free insurance is offered to Sigma Sports’ customers on their new bike purchase, after which preferential rates are obtainable. Recognising their integrated approach, CycleSoftware has also introduced Laka’s service to its customers.

“We are excited to add Laka to our insurance links within CycleSoftware,” said Jebbe Sluiter of CycleSoftware. “Laka has an excellent reputation as an insurer for sporty bikes, e-bikes, and cargo bikes, and we are confident that our bike shop customers will benefit from the addition of Laka to our platform. This enables them to serve their customers even better and provide a seamless experience during the sales process.”

For the past five years, Laka has won the ‘Best Cycle Insurance Provider Award’, reflective of its cooperative stance regarding issuance policies for customers and businesses alike. Customers are only charged based on the cost of claims submitted in the previous month. There are no upfront payments, so customers benefit from fair premiums. All claims are handled by Laka, who divides the cost and limits each customer’s maximum monthly spend. Caps are based on the value of the equipment insured by each individual member.

Laka Partnership Manager, Joost Klarenbeek, commented, “Thanks to the collaboration with CycleSoftware, we can expand our reach and make our insurances even more accessible to bicycle shops in the Netherlands. It is important to mention that we do not demand exclusivity from the bike shops we work with. As a result, they retain the freedom to offer other insurers to their customers.”

Meanwhile, commenting on its collaboration with Sigma Sports, Laka CEO, Tobias Taupitz, remarked, “Laka is proud to partner with Sigma Sports, a well-known name in the UK cycling community, and we’re determined to provide a best-in-class experience for its customers.

“Together, we can help their customers fully enjoy their bike, knowing that Laka has their backs and swiftly get them back on the saddle if needed.”

Sigma Sports is renowned for retailing bikes and accessories and supplying in-store services that include maintenance and bike fitting. The partnership with Laka is reflective of Laka’s existing network of similar bike shops and brands.

James McEuen, CEO of Sigma Sports, added, “At Sigma Sports we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the highest quality bikes and equipment. We take the same care and attention when choosing those businesses, we partner with and Laka is a perfect example of that same commitment to outstanding quality of care for the customer.

“It is great to be able to offer 30 days free insurance on their new bike purchase with access to preferential rates thereafter.

“We know Laka will look after our customers and their bikes in the best way possible and keep them pedalling no matter what.”


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