Software Engineer (Backend Services), VanMoof – Amsterdam (NL)


About the job

At VanMoof, we are known to push boundaries in order to bring you the ultimate urban e-bike. We’re on the lookout for a Software Engineer to join VanMoof’s Research & Development Backend Services team to bring our digital bike platform to the next level.

So what will be your roles and responsibilities? As our Software Engineer, you’ll be shaping the future of biking by creating the next generation of connected e-bikes. The digital bike platform is the ‘smart’ portion of our smart bikes and the Backend Services team builds and maintains all the systems that communicate with the bike (AWS IoT Core) as well as the systems that store rider and ride information. The team also runs various other systems such as bike firmware management, recording bike statistics and bike part histories, and a lot more!

You’ll be working closely with different engineers, from Firmware Engineers optimizing the bike electronics, API Developers creating secure, scalable APIs to App Developers who will implement innovative features in the app thanks to your backend code. You will need strong decision-making skills to balance technical decisions with understanding trade-offs, work closely with stakeholders, and evolve systems while keeping them running.

The Backend Services team also works to continuously improve the quality of our bikes/ Collaborating with the Data Team to constantly work to improve the quality of the data we collect – which then helps to improve the serviceability of our bikes. We strive to improve to lower intervention costs, prevent misdiagnosis by our Bike Doctors and improve the service experience for our riders.

What you’ll do:

  • You’ll work on our digital bike platform, create requirements, test plans, and review and write code.
  • You’ll work together with our in-house multidisciplinary team, which includes Firmware and Embedded Engineers, App Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Product Owners and Designers – on developing new features for the platform, the apps, and the bikes.
  • You’ll help develop the strategy of the platform, including roadmap and technology choices.
  • You’ll improve our bike platform by ensuring it’s ready to scale as we grow.

What you’ll bring:

  • You have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in building web applications and addressing the entire stack – from infrastructure to development.
  • You have a passion for the best design and coding practices and have a creative mindset to develop bold new ideas.
  • You have experience working in high-performance teams in agile environments.
  • You have a can-do, give-me-a-problem-and-I’ll-solve-it attitude.
  • You have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Technologies we use:

It is not required that you have experience with all the technologies we use, but at least you should be familiar and comfortable around them:

  • Go, NodeJS
  • AWS (SQS, SNS, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDB, and more…)
  • Terraform, Grafana, GitHub Actions
  • Internet of Things – our bikes generate large amounts of data that we handle in our backend systems.
  • High Availability architecture, including message buses, event-driven systems, redundancy in hardware, computing clusters, and using cloud platforms.

Extremely nice to have:

  • You have hands-on experience with DevOps/Systems architecture tasks such as creating cloud architectures for highly scalable applications.
  • You have experience adding logging, monitoring, and alerting to build reliable and maintainable applications.
  • You have experience designing and developing test automation scripts using PHP and Python.

What you’ll get:

  • 26 paid holidays for you to unwind.
  • Additional paid leaves for special occasions, e.g. marriage/bereavement, maternity/paternity and moving house…etc.
  • Your very own VanMoof bike (lend-lease).
  • Yearly one discount voucher on a VanMoof bike.
  • All the tools/equipment you’ll need to do the best job possible.
  • Pension plan by Doenpensioen a.s.r.
  • Discount on Dutch health insurance.
  • Unlimited free consultations for mental well-being with Open Up.
  • Healthy (discounted) lunch provided when in the office.
  • Snacks & beverages at the office to keep you Moofing.
  • Weekly Bootcamp, kickboxing, and circuit training.
  • Classpass membership, and OneFit discount.
  • Hybrid working environment.

About Us

We’re obsessed with cities. So are our bikes. Truly city-proof, they shrink long commutes, scare off bike thieves, and amplify your pedal power. We made it our mission to get the next billion on bikes. Join us on the next phase of our journey.

Job descriptions are difficult to interpret. We understand you might not tick all the above boxes. The truth is, we don’t either. If you feel excited about our upcoming challenges, we encourage you to apply now.

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