Information Security Manager, Dott – Amsterdam (NL)


About the job

Here at Dott, we believe in a future where our cities are free from cars and pollution. With our on-demand e-bikes and e-scooters, we want to help co-create liveable cities where space is given back to people. We dream of cities where it is easy to move from one place to another with less congestion and more socialisation. All work we do is to continue reaching for our mission, to free our cities with clean rides for everyone.

Though founded in Europe, our passionate, mission-driven people come from over 55 countries globally. With such representative employees working in over 9 countries, we can better meet our users’ diverse needs. We collaborate with each other, transportation providers, and city officials to ensure what we do today has a tangible impact on tomorrow. Moreover, each employee is equally invested and accountable for making each decision socially and environmentally sustainable.

In this role, you will need to take ownership of Dott’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification. You will lead the implementation of an ISMS and maintain it, manage the operations necessary to apply cybersecurity practices in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.

You will have to alternate between the high-level vision and the actions to be taken to bring Dott into compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

You will play a key role in ensuring that all departments are cybersecurity aware and trained to integrate security into their workflows.

You will review the existing policies, improve them and write the missing ones in partnership with the Legal entity. You will drive internal audits as well as external audits.

What You’ll Do

  • Get Dott to certification by end of year 2023
  • Plan and track execution of actions required to be in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001Implement the ISMS
  • Write the relevant policies
  • Form a cybersecurity governance team and train them to use and maintain ISMS under your supervision
  • Drive internal and external audits
  • Assist the tender team for answering the cybersecurity questions

What You’ll Need

  • Expertise in ISO/IEC 27001 audit
  • Proven experience in building ISMS
  • Experience in integrating cybersecurity into day-to-day workflows.
  • Ability to collect scattered knowledges and materials, rationalize and reshape to make them compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 standards
  • A will to take actions and get things done
  • Strong abilities to track and show progress
  • Communication skills that allow you to deliver your points in a helpful and constructive way
  • Having the ability to effectively collaborate company wide and get traction on our journey to be certified
  • Excellent English language and communication skills

What Is Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

We embrace change in our cities, our work, and ourselves. We empower each other to make a lasting impact. We spark meaningful connections by fostering a supportive community. We succeed by adapting the way we work. Unlock the Change

Check out our EVP Video here ( )

Benefits & Policies*:

🚀 Employee Stock/Equity plan

💰 A fair, mid-market salary package

🧑‍💻Weekly All-hands meetings

🧘 Mental health support with Open-up

🫂Employee Resource Groups

🪹Pension scheme

👶 Parental policies

🏡 Hybrid Work Policy

🌎 Short-term Remote Work Policy

🏞️ Sabbatical Policy

🪑 Work from home budget

(* benefits will vary based on the country and position)

Sustainability Statement

We continuously measure and improve our environmental and social impact. We’re not claiming we’ll save the world, but we’re relentlessly striving to do the right thing for people, cities, and the planet. We’re constantly putting the environment and our social impact at the heart of every business decision. For more information on our sustainability, check out our Sustainability Report & Manifesto ( ) .

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Statement

Dott is an equal-opportunity employer and aims to be intentional in our ED&I strategy. We operate throughout Europe in the hometowns of countless people, including our employees. To truly free OUR cities, we must have a workforce that not only understands the unique needs of our cities but also represents the diversity within them. To support all our employees to be their authentic selves, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment in any regard.

Data Privacy

At Dott, we respect fundamental privacy rights. We process your personal data per the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Read our Applicant Privacy Statement for a clear explanation of how we process your personal data. ( )

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