Embedded System Engineer Vässla – Bruzaholm (SE)

Vässla is the Swedish word for a weasel. A silent, smooth, freaking fierce piece of species. The weasel doesn’t fear animals 10x its size. Just like Vässla 🦾 We empower our Urban Tribe to tackle the huge climate change and time congestion challenges through innovative products and inclusive technology.

We are leading the micromobility movement helping people save loads of time on commuting and short distance journeys with amazing e-bikes, mopeds, and other marvels needed to help humanity switch from four heavy wheels to two light wheels. 

We are looking for a whatever-it-takes-person to develop our Embedded Systems. You will be essential in building the future of Vässla. You will report to the Head of R&D. 

This is your day-to-day fun:

  • Analog sensors for real-time data collection (temperature, pressure, acceleration etc)
  • Microcontrollers, microprocessors and/or actuators for decisions making , automation and control.
  • FPGA affinity.
  • IoT devices and similar frameworks.
  • Experience in both hardware and software.

Is that you?

  • Creative mind.
  • Opportunities eat problems for breakfast.
  • Self runner.
  • Whatever-it-takes-personality.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Humble and fun.

Our Core Principles

1. Champion the mission 

We’re on a mission. Our cities are messed up, thanks to traffic congestion leading to an overwhelming climate change for our planet. This needs to stop. It’s our mission to make short-distance travels sweet and clean for our environment.

2. Low effort – high impact 

Do only stuff that takes little effort to do but will have a great impact on many. Everything else must wait. Doing something irrelevant doesn’t make it important. 

3. Embrace change 

One thing is for sure. We will change our minds loads. It can be anything. So you need to appreciate and coop with all types of change. We must and should change small things but also really heavy strategic stuff in a fast moving context. Start-ups are about flexibility.

4. Yes-man mentality

Nos are for people working at a bank. We say Yes to most things. We are up for a challenge and love new stuff. We rush into decisions without overanalyzing them. 50% analysis and 50% gut feeling. Trust it 👊🏻  We never let admin or hard work be in the way for greatness. Also, cheer people up. Share happiness and excitement with your surroundings. Give more than you take. Life is too short for No-people. Yolo 💪🏻

5. Output obsession

Work is easy. Producing relevant and high-quality output is hard. Vässla is aim at the latter. Minimize irrelevant emailing and unnecessary meetings. Just put all your efforts and brainpower into producing output. Don’t just keep yourself busy.

6. Always be scrappy 

Vässla will grow up and become loads of people. It’s really easy to lose respect for money and the importance of being creative. Always strive to be scrappy. Always try to find a way to make huge projects small. Expensive activities are cheap. Hard things are simple. There is always a way. 

7. Non douch bag policy 

It’s simple. No matter how much money or fame at stake, we will never do business, cooperate or have anything to do with douch bags. If you sense one, just cut him/her loose immediately. Period. 

You may not match all criteria, but if you are willing to learn and grow, we would love to read your application! 

We are good people. See our products on vassla.com.

Apply over at the Vässla website.

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