Chief Financial Officer Vässla – Stockholm (SE)


At Vässla we empower our Urban Tribe to tackle the huge climate change and time congestion challenges through innovative products and inclusive technology.

We are leading the micro-mobility movement helping people save loads of time on commuting and short distance journeys with amazing e-bikes, mopeds, and other marvels needed to help humanity switch from four heavy wheels to two light wheels.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and experienced finance leader to join us at Vässla as CFO. The successful candidate will be highly business-oriented, creating growth through strategic initiatives and an ability to bring clarity and transparency to the companies’ operations whilst being a strong partner to the various parts of the business.

The role is responsible for leading and developing the areas of Finance & Accounting and managing the responsible managers within each area. The new CFO will join the company with a strong mandate to create growth and position Vässla for the future.

You will be part of the Management team and report to the CEO. The role is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Your day to day business:

  • Serve as a strategic partner and financial advisor to the CEO, the Board, and the Management team to help shape the overall direction for the company
  • Own and lead all aspects of finance:
  • Accounting
  • Financial planning
  • Financing and related processes such as Due Diligence, Management Presentations, Q&A, and more
  • Cash management
  • Other reporting requirements (e.g. debt providers, owners)
  • Manage the processes for financial forecasting and budgets, and preparation of monthly reporting to the management and board
  • Hands-on approach to building bottom-up financial models using financial and operational data
  • Build and scale the teams within Finance & Accounting to achieve optimum performance
  • Responsible for finance and accounting setups used by Vässla
  • Find, develop and work effectively and collaboratively with all business and industry partners.
  • Manage the relationship with auditors and other external parties together with the Director of Finance
  • The CFO will support the CEO with board material, have an active role in the board meetings and act as secretary of the board

Is that you?

  • +5 years CFO experience and a strong track record in finance and/or M&A.
  • Experience from a startup environment is viewed positively
  • Ideally experience from scaling a business, value creation, and experience from consumer subscription and/or SaaS business models
  • Public environment experience
  • A strategic mindset and an ability to translate visions into concrete long-term plans that are aligned with company key results and targets
  • Well-developed commercial understanding and rapidly understand the business logic and value drivers of any given business
  • Proven ability to build relationships both internally and externally
  • Ability to influence and impact immediately
  • Solid leadership skills and strong communication & presentation skills with the ability to explain complex analysis and figures in an understandable way

Personal Characteristics

  • Pragmatic and down-to-earth without prestige
  • High energy level with great social skills
  • Ability to get along with diverse personalities.
  • Leader
  • Comfortable performing several projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities
  • Good reasoning abilities and sound judgment.
  • Good business understanding and acumen
  • Ability to establish credibility and be decisive—but be able to recognize and support the organization’s preferences and priorities
  • Results and people-oriented.
  • Resourceful and well organized

We also offer:

  • Tech you need (laptop, phone, etc)
  • Wellness (5000 SEK/year)
  • Use a Vässla Moped/Bike during your employment.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pension according to ITP1.

Core Principles:

1. Champion the mission

We’re on a mission. The traffic congestion thing is messed up. People are commuting their lives away and kills the planet at the same time. This needs to stop. It’s our mission to make short distance travel sweet.

2. Embrace change

One thing is for sure. We will change our mind tons of times. It can be anything. So you need to appreciate and coop with all types of change. We must and should change small things but also really heavy strategic stuff.

3. Yes-man mentality

Nos are for people working at a bank. We say Yes to most things. We are up for a challenge and love new stuff. We rush into decisions without overanalyzing them. 50% analysis and 50% gut feeling. Trust it 👊🏻 We never let admin or hard work be in the way for greatness. Also cheer people up. Share happiness and excitement to your surroundings. Give more than you take. Life is too short for No-people. Yolo 💪🏻

4. Output obsession

Work is easy. Producing relevant and high quality output is hard. Vässla is obsessed with the latter. Minimize irrelevant emailing and unnecessary meetings. Just put all your efforts and brainpower into producing output. Don’t just keep yourself busy.

5. Vässla Speed is mandatory

The big thing that separates big companies with medium ambitions and small companies with big ambitions is speed. Vässla Speed is like the Marvel character Flash. It’s far faster than most. We’re always on the clock and we should at all times maximize speed and get in the habit of acting fast. If we are faster than our competition, we will win.

6. Non douche bag policy

It’s simple. No matter how much money or fame that is at stake, we will never do business, cooperate or have anything to do with douche bags. If you sense one, just cut him/her loose immediately. Period.

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