EU Commission to hear Ad Hoc Group EU E-Cycle Companies on Review Measures against China on 30th April

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On Tuesday 30 April, the Commission is organizing a hearing on the review of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures against e-bikes from China. The meeting takes place both online and in-person at the Commission offices in Brussels. The hearing is open to all companies that are part of the Ad Hoc Group of EU E-Cycle Companies. Companies can join the Ad Hoc Group at any time. For further information, contact Annick Roetynck at LEVA-EU, annick@leva-eu.com, tel. +32 475 500 588.

The Ad Hoc Group is working for the removal of the duties on e-bikes from China as well as the duties on essential bike components. The legislation behind these measures is so unclear and complex that it has become incomprehensible to European business leaders. As a result, many of them make mistakes unconsciously and unintentionally. Dozens of European companies are now under severe attack from customs and sometimes OLAF . These actions threaten the survival of the companies.

It cannot/should not be the case that measures supposedly intended to protect European “industry” result in the destruction of European companies. Moreover, the EU has other, fairer and more efficient means to combat alleged unfair competition from China. Checking the correct application of technical legislation regarding for instance the Machinery Directive, the type approval legislation, the EMC, RoHS and WEEE directives, the Goods Package, the Battery Regulation and soon also the Right to Repair Directive and the Critical Raw Materials Act would allow to keep many illegal products out of the EU market.

However, while European companies are being destroyed by very complex trade defence legislation resulting in legal uncertainty, large numbers of imported products that are in flagrant violation of the above technical legislation can enter the market without any problems.

The disorder in the Netherlands with so-called fat bikes are a good example of this. If the government would do its job and would check these products for all legal requirements, they would never reach the road. But while Dutch customs literally squeezed a company with 200 employees to death, the Dutch minister of transport believes it is more important to introduce (yet another) new law against tampering kits than to tackle the real cause of the problems. He completely ignores the fact that the e-bikes in question should never have been put on the market in the first place because they are illegal.

Trade defence measures are temporary measures aimed at giving the EU industry an opportunity to recover from the damage caused by the unfair trade practice of the importing country. Almost 31 years of anti-dumping measures against bikes from China and 27 years of measures on bike components have still not allowed the EU industry to recover?! If the measures in the electric bicycle sector drag on the same way, there will be no European e-bike companies left in the long term … not even big ones.

Companies can join the EU E-Cycle Companies Ad Hoc Group at any time. All further details about the Ad Hoc Group and how to join are below.

Your involvement will make a difference in challenging the extension of the measures affecting the European electric cycle industry.

Is your company involved in any of the following:

  • Importing electric bicycles, electric cargo bikes, or speed pedelecs from China and paying duties?
  • Importing electric bikes, electric cargocycles, or speed pedelecs from a non-EU country OTHER THAN China?
  • Importing components from China for the assembly of electric bikes, electric cargocycles, or speed pedelecs within the EU?

Is your company facing:

  • Investigation by national customs services and/or OLAF?
  • Accusations of circumventing measures against China?
  • Legal action for circumventing measures against China?
  • Sentencing or acquittal for circumventing measures against China?

If so, we strongly recommend for your company to join the Ad Hoc Group of EU E-Cycle Companies established by LEVA-EU to collectively oppose the potential extension of these measures against e-bikes from China.

What has/will the Ad Hoc Group do?

  • The European Commission has acknowledgde the Ad Hoc Group as an interested party.
  • The Ad Hoc Group has submitted joint comments on the Commission’s review, which are here: https://rb.gy/b8enn9
  • On Tuesday 30th April, the European Commission will hear the Ad Hoc Group, allowing companies to express their views. The meeting will be both in-person and online.
  • A specialized lawyer is providing assistance
  • The group’s activities are communicated to the press and on social media.
  • Lobby other influential entities on this matter.

How to Participate?

  • A modest contribution, based on the number of employees in your company, is required for participation in the Ad Hoc Group.
  • Participation can be kept confidential.
  • LEVA-EU membership is not a prerequisite for joining the Ad Hoc Group.
  • LEVA-EU members receive a discount on the contribution.

Meeting Details:

  • The Ad Hoc Group will conduct multiple meetings, with the first scheduled for February 15, both in-person in Brussels and online.
  • If the Commission grants a hearing, it will be held in-person in Brussels; all other meetings will be accessible online.

How to Join?

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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