Introducing the Stromer ST3 with Pinion gear and belt drive

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LEVA-EU member Stromer’s bikes stand for outstanding Swiss engineering skills and their exclusive combination of timeless design, smart connectivity, pure performance, and maximum range. From spring 2022, Stromer’s latest model will roll into the shops: the ST3 with Pinion gear.

Pinion gear according to industry standard
The Stromer ST3 is an exceptionally dynamic s-pedelec. The 9-speed Pinion gear uses automotive technology and delivers reliable performance with a gear ratio range of 568%. In the Pinion gear, all gears can easily be changed while driving via a rotary switch. The gearshift is not overloaded by the engine and reacts quickly and precisely, being wear-resistant to every gear change. Together with the silent Gates Carbon belt drive, the ST3 Pinion is extremely maintenance-friendly. See the launch video here.

Clean design
The gear, easy-to-operate switch, and belt drive are seamlessly integrated into the clear Stromer frame design. The 820 Watt strong rear-wheel motor supports quietly and dynamically up to 45 km/h, the 983 Wh battery in the Launch Edition provides no less than 180 km of autonomy (standard: 814 Wh battery with a range of 150 km).

Modern communication between bike and rider

Like all Stromer models, the ST3 Pinion is also fully connected. Via the mobile network and the free Stromer OMNI connect app, the bike has GPS positioning and Smart Lock theft protection: in an emergency, the motor is blocked and the alarm and GPS positioning are activated. With ‘smartlock’ via Bluetooth, the bicycle can then be automatically locked and unlocked. With the user-friendly app, the engine settings can also be adapted to personal needs, driving statistics can be retrieved, and much more.

ABS option – extra safe
With the new Stromer ST3 Pinion, you not only enjoy excellent driving dynamics, but also commute particularly safely. After all, the bike is available ex-works with fully integrated ABS. The ABS drastically reduces the risk of the front wheel locking up and the rear wheel lifting off the ground, guaranteeing safe driving. The bike is also available with an optional suspension fork and with stem and handlebar variants. For those who want to be just that little bit different, the ST3 Pinion comes on the market with an Imperial Red paint as the ST3 Pinion Launch Edition.
The ST3 Pinion is ideal for commuters who cycle all year round, regardless of the weather. It is an economical and low-maintenance alternative to commuting by car – for efficient mobility when commuting.


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