International Cargo Bike Festival announces new 2024 venue and dates

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The International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) will take place at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht on 25-26th October 2024

Source: Cargo Bike Festival

The International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) has announced its 2024 venue and dates: it will take place in Utrecht, the 4th largest city in the Netherlands, 40 km south of Amsterdam, where the ICBF 2023 event was held.

Utrecht has a population of 360,000 and is known for being an important hub for national & international transport networks. It’s a globally renowned bike-friendly city that has admirable cycling infrastructure, including its multi-storey bike parking facility, which is reportedly the largest in the world.

ICBF says Utrecht is one of the most cargo bike-friendly places in the world and it can’t wait to show everyone on a global stage. The city has numerous cargo bike schemes, and many of its citizens use this mode of transport.

New venue, new partnerships

ICBF’s 2023 event was hosted at the same location as Fully Charged’s Home Energy and Electric Mobility show, but they will not be collaborating for this year’s event due to a date change for Fully Charged’s show, making ICBF a standalone event for 2024.

The International Cargo Bike Festival has also announced that it will be working with Dutch Cycling Week for 2024, and exploring more of its possibilities in the years ahead. Dutch Cycling Week is a Utrecht-based cycling knowledge platform that aims to become the world’s largest platform for increasing bicycle awareness levels, policy making and usage.

ICBF has confirmed there will be plenty of opportunities at the 2024 show for cargo bike and cycling-related companies to showcase their offerings through its expo, test-track, presenting on stage, or numerous online and offline sponsorship and promotional options that are on offer.

Save the dates

The ICBF team are compiling information to release to visitors and exhibitors as soon as they can, and in the meantime invites everyone to stay updated by signing up to its mailing list, and keeping an eye on ICBF Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads and Twitter social media channels.

Previous 2023 show presentations can be viewed on YouTube. ICBF also looks forward to unveiling a new website revamp and rolling out the 2nd issue of its own magazine, Carrier. Carrier Issue 01 can be accessed here.


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