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LEVA-EU member FreeFlow Technologies (FFT) has developed the world’s lightest power to weight e-bike motor, allowing riders to travel faster and further for less effort. At the core of their motor is the innovative, patent protected transmission system technology. The heart of the system is called a flex wave harmonic drive.

Their technical team is based at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. This state-of-the-art facility provides rapid prototyping capabilities as well as additional resourcing of some of the most technically minded engineers. This enables FFT to be very fluid and able to work with the latest developments in materials and design logic.

Back in 2018, FFT attracted sufficient capital to develop their idea. At that time, Foresight Williams Technology (FWT) made a sizeable investment and Martin McCourt (former CEO of Dyson) became Chairman of a newly created Board. Neil Edwards (former Operations Chief at Dyson), became the CTO.

More recently David Hemming joined as MD. David is well-connected in the cycling industry and has experience with big brands such as Marin and Cannondale. He was the Commercial Director for Rapha/Team Sky, commercialising their brand to a global fan base and has raced mountain bikes professionally.

The FreeFlow patented e-bike motor is for the OEM customer.  “This is a very attractive proposition for the bike industry in that it only takes just north of ten minutes to install and is incredibly easy to build a frame around. It’s a very efficient system due to the Harmonic, with a 50km range per charge while using it on full power, brands can play with bigger batteries to increase the range. The system’s simplicity is so efficient that when not turned on, it rides just like a normal bike, and its compact design makes the bike look like a normal bike, a key design statement for us, brands and the end consumer. We now have almost a dozen brands under NDA/JDA agreements to move forward with the ETS system,” explains David Hemming, Managing Director

FreeFlow has a new funding round open and they are keen to talk with potential new investors. The unique product attributes enable premium pricing and high margins. When combined with a modest cost base, low overheads and low capital requirements the result is compelling.

This raise will take them to and beyond the September launch at Eurobike. For more information please contact:

David Hemming
+44 (0)7880-1898869

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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