First Podbike Frikar deliveries to Germany just around the corner

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German purchasers of the advanced velomobile e-bike will soon receive their orders, as the brand begins strategic deliveries

The wheels are in motion, and Podbike’s very first deliveries in Germany will take place in Bochum, Nordrhein Westfalen. This milestone represents a significant step in the brand’s journey. Podbike updates that, to ensure the smoothest experience for customers, deliveries will follow a meticulous, one-step-at-a-time approach, with thoughtful attention to detail.

Podbike has also announced new service partner, Trimobile, to serve Nordrhein Westfalen and ensure that customers’ Podbike experience will be supported by a dedicated team.

Along with this news, the brand share that they have opened new reservations for the Podbike FRIKAR in Europe once again, with delivery for new orders expected in 2025.

The Podbike FRIKAR has recently been awarded with the Business Concept’s CSR Excellence Awards 2023 “Most Innovative Sustainable Urban eMobility Product – UK & Europe”. This achievement is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and sustainability that define the FRIKAR. The official announcement will take place in February 2024.

About Podbike

Podbike® reimagines the future of urban mobility as convenient, fun and sustainable. The company has invented an advanced e-bike to help bridge the transportation gap between cars and bicycles. Built on top of years of research and development, the T1 version of Frikar® ebike represents a new category of vehicle aimed at fighting climate change, lowering pollution and forming the transportation backbone of the smart cities of the future.

Podbike AS was founded in 2016 by Per Hassel Sørensen (CTO and Lead Product Developer) and Anne-Lise Heggland (CEO) to address the growing challenges of urban mobility. The Podbike team is a collection of dedicated, nature-loving entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives located in Stavanger, Norway.

The brand’s core motivation is a belief that tackling climate change is the greatest cause of our time. With a focus on sustainable and ethical production, and a product portfolio that prioritises low-carbon over low-budget, Podbike hopes to provide individuals and companies around the world with compelling transportation solutions.

In developing the Podbike Frikar ebike, the company’s primary focus has been on improving existing velomobile designs to create the world’s most desirable car and bike alternative. With its all-weather canopy, long electric-assisted range and suite of comfort and function-focused features, the Frikar ebike is well positioned to become a vital part of global transportation infrastructure.

Learn more at www.podbike.com


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