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Source Extra Energy – On the 22nd March 2017, the ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards were presented to the winners of the Autumn 2016 test season. First ExtraEnergy test with 85 bikes. Twelve vehicles achieved exceptional ratings across thirteen product groups.

At Taipei Cycle Show 2017, the Pedelec Awards were awarded to electric bikes in the product groups business, fold/compact, easy, family, classic, lifestyle, sport offroad, sport road, tour, city-comfort, cargo family, commercial cargo 120 kg+ and commercial cargo 50 kg+.

With these product groups, ExtraEnergy uses a tool for customers and the industry alike to differentiate and distinguish different products for different customer requests.

Stromer ST2 S best business pedelec March 2017
Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end specification make this the well-deserved test winner for business pedelecs.

Haibike SDURO Trekking 4.0 best easy pedelec March 2017
Pure riding fun, good reliability and great service life. The Haibike SDURO Trekking 4.0 rode to test victory in the hotly-contested easy pedelecs product group.

Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse best folding/compact pedelec March 2017
The Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse, with a minor facelift, took a superb test win in the folding/compact category, repeating its victory from 2013 and 2016.

Utopia Kranich pedelec best family pedelec March 2017
An all-out all-rounder, the Utopia Kranich pedelec rode its way to the test win in the product group family, a “Very Good” in the tour and to a “Good” as an easy pedelec.

Stella Copenhague best classic pedelec March 2017
The Stella Copenhague pushes gently and then accelerates constantly. Overtake Racing bikes on the mountain – no problem! The Flying Dutchman with Knight Rider’s running light display received the test win in the product group classic pedelec.

Klever X-Speed best lifestyle pedelec March 2017
An extraordinary appearance which, after a gentle start, gives the sense of „seven-league-boots“. Sturdy frame and wide tires ensure good running characteristics and safety. Test win in the product group lifestyle pedelec for the Klever X-Speed.

Focus JAM² Plus Pro best sport offroad pedelec March 2017
Trail machine with great handling behaviour. Test win in the product group sport offroad for the Focus JAM² Plus Pro.

M1 Sterzing best sport road pedelec March 2017
The best sport road pedelec in the test shows its qualities also in the product group business. The M1 Sterzing is a great machine for commuting to and from work, will bring you lots of fun and the feeling of full security.

Riese & Müller Delite touring HS best tour and best city-comfort pedelec March 2017
Long-range champion who does not only eat kilometers, but also levels bumps on the way. A top class pedelec 45 for the long tour but also for commuting to and from work.

Riese & Müller Load touring HS best cargo family pedelec March 2017
The full suspension “Load” comes with double Bosch batteries. The long range and high performance make the “Load” the most successful all-rounder on test.

Pedalpower Long Harry E-Cargo Marquardt best commercial cargo 50kg+ pedelec March 2017
The powerhouse of the PedalPower stable. All wheel drive makes this LongHarry an absolute power colossus – and a test winner of the product group commercial cargo 50kg+.

Urban Arrow Family CX-500 best commercial cargo 120kg+ pedelec March 2017
The Urban Arrow Family CX-500 is a well-developed cargo pedelec with many clever details, a high quality specification and, thanks to its separable frame, it is very versatile and modular. Test winner commercial cargo 120kg+.

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