Eurobike announces new visual concept for 2024 show

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Eurobike’s latest visionary shines a new light on the latest in bicycle and urban mobility ranges

Eurobike, a leading global trade event for the bicycle and future mobility sector has revealed a new visual look. Its main motif represents Eurobike’s desire to represent all bicycle and urban mobility ranges.

From July 3 to 7, 2024, Messe Frankfurt will once again become a major stage for the latest trends, a knowledge platform as well as a networking forum for new mobility, with the bicycle remaining as its strongest driving factor. The agency Baschnegger Ammann Partner recently completed this designed poster for Eurobike.

The new visual design’s essence is based on the simple and innovative basic principle of the bicycle and its modern “relatives” – the wheel, reducing the (bicycle) wheel to its underlying circular shape. For this design, Eurobike claims the combination of different circular parts and a signal-like color palette covers all segments of the bicycle world and future mobility.

Eurobike deems the new visual as “inspirationally colorful, self-confidently striking and pleasantly cheerful”. It builds on its well-known magenta and yellow brand colors for Eurobike, and adds a new color to the mix, cyan. It introduces this new color as a way to create more room to visually represent industry frontline topics, and for Eurobike to evolve as its own brand. The fair platform also confirms that this imagery can be used in all formats and displayed across all channels.

Andreas Kleinekathöfer, Creative Director and Partner at Baschnegger Ammann Partner explains the creative aspiration behind the visual, “Our aim was to develop a new key visual for Eurobike that was as visionary as it was coherent and derived from its DNA,”. Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich added: “The new visualization of our umbrella brand reflects all segments of our industry and their further development. It conveys the intention of the Eurobike platform to create an effective space for all key players to meet the environmental, economic and social challenges of mobility.”

About Eurobike

Eurobike is the central platform of the cycling and future mobility universe. Together with visionaries from politics, business, society and the mobility industry, it creates space for communication, new ideas, change of perspective, and strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. With Eurobike, the booming and rapidly changing bicycle and future mobility industries have found a common platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas of sports, leisure, health and mobility, makes continuous progress and brings the global community together live. The 32nd Eurobike will take place on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt from Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7, 2024. For more information, go to: www.eurobike.com

About fairnamic GmbH:

With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the trade fair companies Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen are sealing a partnership focusing on innovative mobility. The market position in the future markets of bicycles, e-bikes, micromobility and general aviation is strengthened by pooling expertise and market knowledge, global positioning, brand strength and speed. The joint venture focuses on the Eurobike and AERO brands and their satellites. The objective is to expand and further develop the two flagship trade fairs. For more information, go to: www.fairnamic.com.


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