Ellio x Ahooga — Belgian bike brands join together to bring speed pedelecs to major cities

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Belgians love cycling. It will therefore come as no surprise that the country has more than one innovative bicycle brand. Industry leaders: Ellio Bikes and Ahooga Bikes. The two young and ambitious bicycle manufacturers are joining forces to develop the Ellio Elite ‘Ahooga Edition’, a speed pedelec designed for future urban mobility.

With a shared vision on the potential of speed pedelecs in cities, Ahooga and Ellio join forces for the first time. Ellio from Leuven is best known for its progressive speed pedelecs with two-wheel drive and automatic gears. The Brussels-based Ahooga takes the city bike to a higher level with its designs. Because these two Belgian brands effortlessly complement and reinforce each other, a collaboration was inevitable. The result of this cross-pollination is the Ellio Elite ‘Ahooga Edition’, the high-tech Ellio speed pedelec in a custom Ahooga color. The ideal means of transport for the city.

The limited-edition bike will also be equipped with a built-in tracking system that prevents theft. With this collaboration, the bicycle brands hope to contribute to the integration of speed pedelecs in cities. Not only in Belgium, but also far beyond.

Jorrit Heidbuchel, co-founder Ellio“Ellio and Ahooga share a vision of developing bicycles as a mobility solution, by making cycling fun, safe, and easy for everyone. We both see great potential for speed pedelecs as a full-fledged alternative to the car in large urban areas.

“For two small, but very complimentary Belgian players, it makes so much sense to complete our mission together, both in Belgium and abroad. Hence this collaboration. We are very happy with what the Ahooga team has done with our Ellio Elite bike “

The two bicycle companies also plan to continue working together in the near future. “This collaboration is very meaningful. Belgium is the beating heart of cycling. We are also among the countries with the highest e-bike penetration in the world. For Ahooga, using the best e-bike technology on the market, which is also Belgian, is a breeze. We were really impressed with the quality of IntuEdrive’s all-wheel-drive technology. It outperforms any available alternative in terms of power, range and safety,” said Tita Lambotte, Ahooga founder and CEO

The Ellio Elite ‘Ahooga Edition’ was on show at the Bike Brussels Fair in Tour & Taxis from 25-26-27 March.

The Ellio x Ahooga bike will be sold through the sales channels of both Ahooga and Ellio. It is expected in stores from April 2022.


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