Dutch Speed Pedelec fleet reaches 30,000

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The Dutch non-profit “Speedpedelec Evolutie” has once again analyzed the Dutch market for speedpedelecs. They are sharing the following information about sales and fleet, based on their data regarding registered speedpedelecs.


The total speed pedelec fleet in The Netherlands has increased by 8% to 29,683 vehicles, consisting of
58 brands and 203 models. Many models are available with different specifications, so there is plenty of choice. The data show a steady increase of the fleet from 23,793 at the end of 2020 to 27,538 end of last year.
The Top 10 brands, with a total of 26,601 vehicles, increased their market share from 89 to 90%. No less than 48 brands account for the remaining 10% with a total of 3.082 vehicles.

Last year, the Top 3 brands were the same as the year before: Stromer was market leader, with 34% and the first brand to exceed the 10.000 limit. STromer and number 2, Riese & Müller, hold just over half of the fleet. Third place was for the Dutch brand Sparta. Stromer, Riese & Müller and Sparta have a share of 64% in the Top 10 per model (19.032 vehicles). The remaining 36% (10.651 vehicles) consists of 193 models!
Stromer’s ST1, ST2 and ST3 hold the 1st to 3rd place. However, it should be taken into account that both ST1 and ST2 consist of several models. For example the old ST2 has a chain and derailleur/sprockets,
while the new model is driven with a belt and internal gears.
Stromer has 4 models in the Top 10, Riese & Müller 3, Sparta 2 and Gazelle 1, but that is not their new model “No1”.
Four new models have been introduced in the first half of 2022: the Y Muse 45 and N Rogue
45 both by Klever, the Axis eRide Evo Speed Bike by Scott and finally the LEB 800 Speed, the premiere of the German Velo de Ville.

Despite the new sales, the average age of the fleet increased to 3.9 years. Stromer, Sparta
and Riese & Müller account for approximately 3,100 vehicles older than 5 years, while the remaining
3,501 vehicles belong to 38 different brands! In total 43% (almost 13.000 vehicles) are older than 5 years. Almost 2.400 vehicles date from before 2015, with the oldest speed pedelec on Dutch roads being 13.2 years!

The Speed Pedelec Evolutie data show that 69% of the fleet is still with their first owner, whilst 9,300 (31%) changed ownership. Also, 98% were purchased in The Netherlands, with only 700 speed pedelecs from abroad.


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In the first half of 2022 sales have increased with 11%, compared to the same period in 2021. However, the result is still 7% lower than sales in the first half of 2020. The first 4 months of 2022 showed an average increase of 25% followed by a reduction of 6% in May and June. Speed Pedelec Evolutie predicts total sales in 2022 of 4,149, which would be a 5% increase compared to 2021.

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