Dutch MEP van de Camp warns Commissioner Malmström: duties will harm Commission’s credibility

2021 days ago

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In a letter directly addressed to EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, Dutch MEP Wim van de Camp expresses very serious concerns about the ongoing anti-dumping investigation on e-bikes from China and requests the Commission to reexamine its approach on the matter.

The full letter is below:

To: Ms. Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Trade

Subject: Duties on e-bikes imports from China are misplaced


Dear Commissioner Malmström,


As you krnow we have always been strong supporters of the Commission’s efforts to combat the harmful effects of Chinese subsidies which lead to overcapacity and occasionally to notable abuses in the form of dumping. Steel, aluminum, ceramics, and chemicals are all examples of where the Commission has rightly taken a strong stance in defense of European industry.

However, we are concerned that the Commission’s ongoing anti-dumping investigation against the import of electric bikes from China is misplaced, and not only harms consumers, SMEs and the EU’s own climate and clean mobility policies but undermines the credibility of the antidumping instrument.

E-bikes are a win-win success story for Europe. They are eco-friendly and help reduce carbon emissions. They provide health benefits for all type of consumers, who otherwise would not be encouraged to ride a conventional bike. They alleviate traffic congestions, and are in line with the increasing number of bicycle lanes in many of our European cities. Their benefits for the environment, consumers, and importers are clear.

Virtually all e-bike components, just like the assembled e-bikes themselves, come from China . There is minimal distinction between “Chinese” and “European” manufacturers. European SMEs design e-bikes here and have them manufactured in China, for the benefit of their European customers.

Furthermore, this is a highly popular up-and-coming sector, with considera le market growth as e­ bikes become affordable. Sales and profits are growing. It is difficult to conceive, without stretching the bounds of credibility, how European vendors are suffering an injury due to Chinese imports.

As such, we believe that any sort of anti-dumping duties will harm consumers but more importantly the Commission’s credibility. We would thus kindly request the Commission to carefully reexamine its approach on the matter.

We remain at your disposal should you wish to discuss these matters further.

With kind regards,

Ing. W.G.JM (Wim) van d Camp

Member of the European Parliament
Coordinator of the EPP TRAN Committee
CDA/ EPP Group

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