Cowboy introduces the Cowboy 4

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Source: Cowboy – LEVA-EU member Cowboy presents the Cowboy 4. Winner of Red Dot Best of the Best 2021 product design award, the Cowboy 4 features a new powertrain with 50% more torque, a new design with 200 custom-made parts, and a brand-new Cowboy app. The C4 and the C4 ST offer an unparalleled riding experience, powering your path through the city.

Last week, Cowboy announced the Cowboy 4, its latest generation of urban electric bikes now available in two different frames. The C4 features an upgrade to its quintessential frame while the C4 ST is a Cowboy first — a step-through model to match a variety of riding styles, heights, and tastes. Both bikes feature 50% more torque which powers Cowboy’s acclaimed automatic transmission. No buttons or gears, just a simple acceleration and speed when needed, as well as an incredibly smooth experience when cycling uphill. Thanks to its removable battery weighing only 2.4kg and with a range of up to 70km, the Cowboy 4 helps you go the distance and keeps you active every day.

Cowboy 4 ST

“The Cowboy 4 completely redefines life in and around cities,” shared Adrien Roose, Cowboy Co-Founder and CEO. “By designing two frame types featuring our first-ever step-through model, an integrated cockpit, and a new app, we are now able to address a much larger audience and cater to many more riders to move freely in and around cities,” he added. “Our mission is to help city dwellers move in a faster, safer and more enjoyable way than any other mode of urban transportation. Be it wandering through the city or staying fit, it’s a reconnection with your senses and a rediscovery of the simple thrill of riding a bike.”

The C4 and C4 ST have been awarded Red Dot Best of the Best 2021 in the product design category, a testament to the craftsmanship and design excellence demonstrated since the inception of the company in 2017. With the launch of the Cowboy 4, almost every component of the bike has been custom designed, with the exception of the saddle and the carbon belt. From the brake cables now seamlessly integrated into the handlebars and stem, the diamond pattern of the grips mirroring the tread of the tyres, new angles of the brakes and pedals, and an eye-catching dropout at the rear wheel, every detail has been perfected for Cowboy’s quintessential minimalistic look.

With the introduction of its latest bike, Cowboy will also offer a custom-designed series of accessories starting with a rear rack and kickstand, available as options at the time of purchase. The C4 and C4 ST come in three colors, including Black, Khaki, and Sand, and are available now to pre-order which, with deliveries beginning in September. Both models will feature pre-fitted mudguards.

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