CIXI and Flevobike Technology unveil a revolutionary active vehicle

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When innovations meet to take active mobility to a new level

CIXI and Flevobike Technology unveil a revolutionary active vehicle

The Eurobike trade fair in Frankfurt is an essential meeting point for all those involved in cycling and green mobility. CIXI, creator of Active Mobility solutions, which aims to transform passive commuting hours into pleasant moments of physical activity, crossed paths with Flevobike Technology, a cargo bikes manufacturer, at the event last June. A chance meeting that gave rise to a revolutionary active mobility solution: Flevobike’s GoLo, equipped with CIXI’s patented PERS technology.

A collaboration that paves the way for a promising innovation

The GoLo, developed by Dutch company Flevobike Technology, is a four-wheeled cargo bike designed for goods transport and urban delivery. The vehicle combines comfort and ergonomics, as well as loading capacity and practicality, with a lowered platform boot. Thanks to a hybrid drive system, which replaces chains and gearing system with a generator at the crank and motors in the rear hubs, Flevobike Technology has sought to reduce wear and tear and maintenance of the vehicle, while guaranteeing an enhanced driving comfort.
“Given our respective positions, products and solutions, we quickly found common interests with the founders of Flevobike Technology when we met last June. They were looking for a functional chainless system to improve their vehicle, we had an innovative PERS technology to offer and wished to enter the cargo bike and intermediate vehicle market” Hugo ROULAND, Product Engineer at CIXI

And so began a bold project, with a single objective in mind: to develop a functional PERS Technology x GoLo prototype for presentation at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF to be held in Amsterdam on November, 24. “A GoLo quadricycle was available and we agreed that it would be made available to us, so that our technical team could integrate a PERS kit on the vehicle and carry out all the tests and adjustments”, Hugo ROULAND continues. A European collaboration with a positive impact was launched.

CIXI team testing the GoLo prototype equipped with CIXI’s PERS technology

CIXI’s PERS innovation meets Flevobike’s evolutionary GoLo

​The GoLo was developed with the idea of making this cargo bike even more sustainable, by facilitating the integration of third-party components that could improve its functionality over time. This is where CIXI’s patented PERS technology comes in. Since 2015, the company has indeed been developing an electronic crankset, with no chains or belts, which frees itself from the geometric constraints of mechanical transmission to adapt to any type of active electric vehicle. This innovative technology delivers outstanding performance with variable levels of effort, for real moments of pleasure, and travel with low environmental impact.

“After dismantling the GoLo entirely to understand its structure, we were quickly able to install the 2 motor controllers commonly used on our bike kit and adjust the wiring from the motor controller to the PERS crankset installed at the front of the vehicle. The real innovation on this cargo bike is the battery used: a 48V AES allowing peaks of 120A over 3 seconds (compared with 60A on a traditional electric bike), which enables us to meet the power requirements of this vehicle designed for delivery” Charlie GALLOPIN, Engineer at CIXI

By implementing its PERS technology on the GoLo, CIXI is helping to provide an enhanced, high-performance active electric vehicle.

Product reveal expected at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF

CIXI and Flevobike Technology will be presenting the GoLo equipped with the PERS system on 24 November 2023 at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF in Amsterdam. This will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the result of a fruitful collaboration, where know-how, expertise, creativity, and a taste for innovation have come together to make an even greater contribution to the development and growth of active mobility.
For more information on this collaboration and on CIXI’s active mobility solutions, we invite you to talk to Pierre FRANCIS, Founder & CEO of CIXI.


Nicolas KESSLER – PERS Program Lead


(FR) ‪+33 7 62 05 83 78

CIXI team testing the GoLo prototype equipped with CIXI’s PERS technology

About CIXI

Founded in 2015, CIXI is an innovative French company specializing in green active mobility solutions. In addition to its VIGOZ vehicle, CIXI is the custodian of the PERS electronic pedaling system, with no chains or belts, compatible with any type of vehicle to bring an active electric vehicle to life. Based in Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region, CIXI places respect for the environment as well as individual and collective fulfillment through physical activity and a healthier lifestyle at the heart of their mission.

About Flevobike Technology – www.flevobike.nl​

Founded in 1989, Flevobike Technology is a Dutch manufacturer of cycles, cargo bikes, parts, and accessories. The family-run company develops numerous prototypes, including the GoLo, a modular and adaptable cargo bike.


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