Change in the management structure at Stromer

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Speed Pedelec specialist myStromer AG is implementing a new management structure. The future management of the brand will be made up of joint managers, represented by Tomi Viiala and Karl Ludwig Kley, and a Management Board, which includes the management team, the CEO of Desiknio and the company’s division managers. Jakob Luksch will be leaving the company.

This new management structure allows the responsibilities to be better divided up within the organization, decisions to be made faster and the participation of all Stromer employees to be increased. Stromer is thus laying the foundation to improve the future growth and innovative power of both the Stromer and the Desiknio brands.

Over the last four years, CEO Jakob Luksch has repositioned myStromer and successfully turned it into a profitable brand. His measures helped to achieve Stromer’s turnaround three years ago, which was followed by strong brand growth. Decisive for the success were above all the focus on 45 km/h, the relocation of the bike assembly from Taiwan to Switzerland, the expansion of the European market and incorporating the brand Desiknio to Stromer’s portfolio.

Today Stromer is a change-maker in the field of mobility, a commuting solution with a future. Now Stromer is taking the next step with this reorganization.  Both brands will maintain their course — but will focus more intensely on quality, innovation and growth. In order to continue growing, to develop its portfolio further and to remain a leading innovator, Stromer is planning to continue investing with major support from its owner, Naxicap. Despite the current challenges in the procurement market, myStromer AG is heading toward to a positive future and is looking forward to further shaping the new era of mobility.

Dr. Karl Ludwig Kley (49, D)
After various management positions in Germany and abroad, Karl Ludwig Kley was most recently a partner in the investment firm PMG in Frankfurt. He joined Stromer as CFO in September 2021.

Tomi Viiala (47, CH/FIN)
Tomi Viiala has been a member of the management at myStromer for 8 years and, as VP Sales, was most recently responsible for global sales, retail support, Service Center NL and Stromer USA. Before that, Viiala spent over 8 years in different management positions at international corporations in the sports and textile industries.

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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