Why LEVA-EU assists the Collective of European Importers in AD643

The Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles has requested LEVA-EU to assist them in their defence in AD643 against e-bikes from China. Upon careful consideration, LEVA-EU has decided to accept this task for the following reasons.

LEVA-EU is open to any party wanting to join in on the promotion of LEVs, including electric bicycles in Europe. LEVA-EU welcomes manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, dealers, … alike, provided they share LEVA-EU’s belief in LEVs and agree to work together to grow the market.

Having read the complaint, LEVA-EU has concluded that this initiative is not aimed at growing the market. It is an attempt to ensure a bigger piece of the market for some parties. For that purpose, the popular and currently well-used tactic of “us” against “them” is put in position. AD643 is meant to be read as a battle of European manufacturers against Chinese manufacturers. So, their assumption is: if you are European, you know which camp to support, because that is the camp that provides economic growth, jobs, etc. What’s more, they believe that as a European you should fight against the Chinese manufacturers. They believe their sole purpose is to kill off the European manufacturers, take all production to China and leave Europe with, yet another, economic and industrial wasteland.

Golden opportunity

LEVA-EU rather believes that there is a golden opportunity, which is far more real than the risks outlined by European manufacturers, but which unfortunately remains largely untapped.

Perhaps in 1993 the world was effectively still that simple. But today, 24 years later, the world has changed beyond imagination. The old demarcation separating “us” from “them” has become meaningless. European manufacturers are importing components from outside Europe on an unprecedented scale. Some are, in addition to their own assembly, also importing complete electric bicycles. Globalization and Internet have yielded so much more than just some opportunistic imports of crappy e-bikes. There are new entrepreneurs coming into the business, who are developing innovative and disruptive ideas and business models. They no longer abide by the traditional supply chains but work on principles, which are driven by developments and technologies based on new concepts such as mobility as a service. They shop around the world for components and assembly, whilst devising business models that include leasing, sharing, conventional sales which combine points of sales, Internet, home delivery,  … They are flexible, open-minded and very aware that they are working with a golden opportunity in the framework of issues such as mobility, transport, air quality, public health, etc.

Wrong enemy

Companies that keep clinging to old industrial adages are missing out on this golden opportunity. They have a quality product that sells well, and the objective is to stretch this success to a maximum. However, today, the world is moving too fast for such conservatism.

With all due respect, Europe does not need any conferences on and initiatives about bringing production back to the old continent. Europe needs conferences and initiatives on R&D, on innovating business models, on how to push LEV uptake, on how to encourage/help start-ups, on how to cooperate with the scientific/academic world, on setting up alliances with cities and citizens’ organizations, … And should that result in the conclusion that it may be useful to start up production in Europe, fine. But not defying all economic reality by bringing back production just out of nostalgia.

Ironically, in trying to preserve their position, these companies attack the wrong enemy. Importers, overseas producers, new companies applying new business models, … they are not the enemy.

Growing the market

Whilst the European industry files anti-dumping complaints and works hard to keep existing measures in place, an ever growing peloton of cities in Europe limits, sometimes even pushes combustion engine vehicles out. Every congestion charge, every low emission zone, every SUMP is a gift to the LEV-business. New markets are being opened, for free, every day all over Europe. But instead of tapping on that ever growing potential, a dumping complaint is filed, which prevents all parties in the sector to work on that potential.

Dumping cases are so time-consuming that hardly any time is left to do the work that really needs doing. LEVA-EU is trying to do that: work for better technical regulations, ask for attention in policies relevant to LEVAs, in European subsidy programmes, work to inform companies on the rules and on the market, ….

Our ultimate objective is to prove how counter-productive it is to use trade defence instruments for purposes other than what they are really meant for. If LEVA-EU can achieve that by supporting companies going against this counterproductive initiative, then we improve chances to get the whole sector around the table and start a serious discussion about how to grow the market for all instead of making only some pieces of the cake bigger.

We are open for any exchange of views on this LEVA-position.

Annick Roetynck,
LEVA-EU Manager

LEVA-EU L6-L7 meeting preceding LEVS in Rotterdam: don’t forget to register


On Tuesday 21 November,  the day preceding the Light Electric Vehicle Summit, which takes place in Rotterdam on 22 and 23 November, LEVA-EU is organizing a meeting specifically for L6-L7 companies. The meeting will take place in the LEVS-venue Engels in Rotterdam from 1 o’clock till 3.15 p.m. This meeting will be followed by the second International Energy Agency workshop on small vehicles from 3.30 till 6 p.m in the same meeting room.

All companies operating in the field of L6-L7 or planning to start operating are welcome to attend the LEVA-EU meeting.  They are invited to state their interest or confirm attendance at this meeting by completing the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/52JLbKhG4VGO1vWi1

Interested companies should also note that if they intend to attend LEVS and they have not yet registered, they can enjoy a 10% discount by using our promocode LEVAEU on the LEVS registration webpage: http://levs.mobi/page/registration-form/.

The light electric vehicles association in Europe, LEVA-EU has been established earlier this year . The objective of our association is to promote LEVs and to grow the LEV-market in Europe.

We are convinced that LEVs offer a huge potential for making transport more sustainable and much more efficient.

So far, no association in Europe was working specifically for the benefit of LEVs. LEVA-EU is now filling this important gap and is the only association in Europe to work exclusively for light electric vehicles.

The scope of LEVA-EU is all L-category vehicles including L6, light quadricycles, and L7, heavy quadricycles for on-road use.

LEVA-EU is convinced that the potential of these vehicles as a means of making mobility more sustainable is seriously underused and undervalued. Therefore, LEVA-EU is seeking to bring together the major players in this sector. The objective being to offer these players a platform to get to know each other and to develop joint initiatives to grow the market.

Contact for further details: LEVA-EU manager, Annick Roetynck,
tel. +32 9 233 60 05

LEVA-EU welcomes 2 new members

The Russian company, eczo.bike, and the Danish company, Pro-Movec, have both joined LEVA-EU.

eczo.bike provides people with green, cost-effective personal transport for work and leisure. eczo.bike eases car to bicycle substitution for better mobility, ecology and health.

Danish Pro-Movec delivers excellence in the field of complete e-bike solutions, design, development, production, distribution and after sale service. Pro-Movec has a yearly turnover of € 12. million. The company produces 25,000 e-kits and e-bikes per year. Main markets are Europe and North America, which are served by the company’s 27 employees, based in Denmark, Germany and China, as well as various company partners.

Both companies joined to enjoy LEVA-EU’s assistance in the field of rules and regulations governing electric bikes. Furthermore, they want to join LEVA-EU’s efforts to promote LEV’s at European level and to raise awareness among European institutions, with a view to improve legislation and to further policies that take LEVs better into account.

LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe working exclusively for light electric vehicles. To find what LEVA-EU can do for your company, click here: https://leva-eu.com/join-leva-eu/

EBMA files dumping complaint against import Chinese electric bicycles

Source: EBMA

Moreno Fioravanti, Secretary General at the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) announced: “dumped Chinese e-bikes are flooding the EU market.  European e-bikes are undercut and overwhelmed in their home market by heavily subsidised, illegally dumped Chinese e-bikes sold below their cost of production.  Imports of e-bikes from China have been increasing quickly and have now exploded, with imports in the first seven months of 2017 already exceeding the entire 2016 import volume.  Imports into the EU of e-bikes from China increased from virtually zero in 2010 to a level likely over 800,000 in 2017.  Therefore, we have filed a complaint with the European Commission, calling for the registration of imports and urgent anti-dumping measures on e-bikes from China.  The EBMA is also preparing an anti-subsidy complaint. We urge the European Commission to investigate the unfair trade practices of Chinese e-bike exporters as soon as possible.”

More than 430,000 Chinese e-bikes were dumped into the EU in 2016, representing 70% of all e-bikes imported from outside Europe. Chinese imports in 2016 showed a massive 40% volume growth compared to the previous year.

The full article is here: http://ebma-brussels.eu/2017/10/european-bicycle-manufacturers-association-files-eu-anti-dumping-complaint-to-stop-the-dumping-of-chinese-e-bikes/


Meet with LEVA-EU at Eurobike

LEVA-EU and LEVA will share a stand at Eurobike. It is located on the first floor of the West Entrance. It is a quiet corner where LEVA-EU and LEVA members can have meetings, or a rest with a cup of coffee or where companies interested in LEVA-EU can meet up with us and explore a potential cooperation.

LEVA-EU is a newly established trade association that helps companies in the Light Electric Vehicle Business find their way in the maze of European rules and regulations. What’s more, LEVA-EU is the only trade-association in Europe that works exclusively for light electric vehicles.

The association is managed by Annick Roetynck, who has more than two decades of experience in the sector. LEVA-EU is closely linked to LEVA.

To find out what LEVA-EU can do for your business, click here. Full details on LEVA-EU’s service package are here.

Please get in touch with Annick Roetynck for an appointment at Eurobike: a.roetynck@pandora.be or +32 9 233 60 05.