Bright Future for Electric Bikes in Norway

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The development of the electric bicycle market in Norway is still in its early stages. To stimulate the uptake of electric bicycles, especially for commuting, the Norwegian electric vehicle association, ELBIL, which is a member of AVERE and the Norwegian Cyclists’ Federation have set up a promotional project which includes a road show. The project, called “” ( is funded by the Norwegian government. As part of all this ELBIL and the Norwegian Cyclists’ Federation hosted a workshop end of April aimed at providing the participants with a better insight into the electric bicycle world.

One of the speakers was AVERE LEV-TF Policy Manager, Annick Roetynck, who presented the European electric bicycle market, the rules and legislation, policies at EU and local level as well as a few best practice examples.

Her presentation “Light Electric Vehicles: the silent revolution” is here.


The Norwegian transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen opened the breakfast seminar, together with Morgan Andersson, General Secretary of the Cyclists’ Federation and Christina Bu, General Secretary of the Norwegian electric vehicle association.


Transport Minister strongly believes in the potential of electric bicycles for replacing short car trips.  Also, electric bicycles are not subject to road toll.


Annick Roetynck, LEV Policy Manager at the European Electromobility Organization AVERE spoke about the regulations for European two-wheelers in the EU and about the European electric vehicle market. The uptake of electric bicycles has just started in Norway. However, developments in other countries show that once the market has a foothold, the phenomenon then spreads rapidly.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany Switzerland are the European leaders in electric bicycle sales, whilst other countries are on the rise. In the Nordic, the electric bicycle is still lagging behind in terms of market share.


Aslak Fyhri from the Institute of Transport Economics has studied electric bike users and has come to the conclusion that the actual use of electric bicycle is much greater than that of conventional bicycles. A number of electric bicyclists have not used conventional bicycles before. They are the most positive about the electric bicycle. That may wel mean that the potential for swapping cars for electric bicycles is very considerable and may therefore also have considerable environmental effects.


His Havard Kvisle from EVO electric bicycles presented the Norwegian market. The interest from the bicycle industry is increasing and he confirmed that the potential is huge. Sales of electric bicycles started very modestly in 2012 with around 3,000 units sold. He expects it to increase to 60,000 by 2018.



Raimond Oseland of the Kristiansand municipality explained how municipalities can contribute to increase the use of electric bicycles with a view to tackling local challenges such as air pollution, noise and congestion. Kristiansand Municipality has been active in promoting the use of electric bicycles, which resulted in a positive experience. They organize campaigns, test rides, company and school, …


Finally the seminar participants had the opportunity to try a variety of electric bicycles from the different suppliers cooperates with.

Download presentations from the seminar:


Media Coverage of the seminar:

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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