Amsterdam grants temporary speed limit increase for cyclists

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Source: Fietsberaad

From April 18, fast cyclists in Amsterdam will have the opportunity to utilise a designated section of roadway spanning 500 meters for a duration of three months. This trial will occur along Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat and Bilderdijkstraat. The suggested speed limit on the cycle path remains at 20 kilometres per hour, while those desiring a quicker pace can opt for the lane.

The trial stems from the winning entry of the Amsterdam Bike City Innovation Lab in 2022. Conceived by visual artist Wichert van Engelen, the idea proposes three distinct speed limits: 10 km/h for sidewalks, 20 km/h for cycle paths, and 30 km/h for roads, applicable to all modes of transportation. This initiative aims to mitigate different speeds on the cycle path.

The municipal authorities, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Transport Region, selected the Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat and Bilderdijkstraat area for its high volume of bicycle traffic and the presence of a narrow cycle path segregated from the road. With overtaking proving challenging on this path due to increasing speed disparities, this choice becomes imperative.

Melanie van der Horst, the traffic councillor, states “I hear more and more Amsterdam residents, young and old, who no longer dare to cycle in the city. I don’t want that to happen. We have previously successfully moved moped riders to the road, making the cycle path quieter. But due to the rapid rise of various electric bicycles, it is now more necessary to make room on the cycle path for people who drive slower.

Until July 19, cyclists exceeding the 20 kilometres per hour threshold will have access to the road, where the maximum speed limit is set at 30 kilometres per hour. The designated test zone between Overtoom and Kinkerstraat will be clearly delineated. Throughout the trial period, the municipality will monitor cyclist behaviour on the road, assess the interaction between car and bicycle traffic, and evaluate the impact on cycle path congestion. Road users will have the opportunity to provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and the municipality will conduct on-site interviews with cyclists. The results are expected at the end of this year.


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