Alligt sells Bike2 patent to CIXI

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A little less than a year ago, LEVA-EU Member Alligt, a Dutch manufacturer of plastic wheels and parts for cargo cycles and velomobiles, gave the Bike2 pedal generator a new chance. The product was originally developed by a Danish company, which ultimately didn’t manage to bring a finished product to market. Alligt was among one of their first customers and worked with Bike2 to test the pedal generator. Eventually, they entered into an agreement as a result of which Alligt acquired the Bike2 patent.

CIXI.life is a French company and also a LEVA-EU Member, that has been developing its own pedal generator for the last 8 years. Their development is based on their mission to help people be more active in their travels for the benefit of their health. Furthermore, the system allows for a much smaller vehicle than a car, which helps make mobility more sustainable. Their pedal generator is several steps ahead of the Bike2 product.

In an effort to protect their product and make investment in their production more attractive, CIXI.life has now acquired the Bike2 patent. The addition of the Bike2 patent to their own patent offers CIXI.life optimal protection. Alligt retains a license for Bike2, which allows the Dutch company to continue producing the Bike2 system in small numbers with its partners.

Alligt is very pleased with the agreement because CIXI.life has the ambition to bring the pedal generator to market in significant numbers. The two companies have agreed that if CIXI.life does not achieve this objective by 2027, the patent will be returned to Alligt. This demonstrates the level of confidence that CIXI.life has in their team.

Early next year, they will have a development kit ready in limited quantities, along with a team to support the market introduction. Here is more information about the development kit.

CIXI.life will be participating, in cooperation with Golo.bike, in the International Cargo bike Festival, which takes place from November 24th to 26th in Amsterdam.

The agreement allows Alligt to invest in the further development of their hybrid cargo bike wheels. These visually attractive wheels are made of elastic high-end plastic on the inside, combined with a high impact resistance extruded aluminum rim specifically designed for commercial use.

For further details on CIXI.life: info@cixi.life, cixi.life
For further details on Alligt: leovisscherkorver@gmail.com, alligt.nl, cargobike-wheels.com

Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.

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