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Climate Foundation of Stadtwerke Winterthur supports BICAR

The mobility concept BICAR is a space-efficient and CO2-free mobility solution for the last mile. The Climate Foundation of the Stadtwerke Winterthur (electricity provider for the city of Winterthur) supports...

Final phase of case against import e-bikes China: measures will be for the few, not the many

The case against imports of e-bikes from China is in its final phase. In November, the Commission has published their General Disclosure Documents, through which they propose up to 79.3% duties on electric...

European Commission’s duties on e-bikes to destroy European SMEs

Last week’s General Disclosure Document outlines duties of up to 79.3% ad valorem for e-bikes imported from China. The move will threaten further development of clean mobility, lead to supply shortages and...

Dumping case: EBMA’s fake news, alternative facts and false allegations

In a jubilant press release, EBMA welcomes the Commission’s intention to impose duties as the right measures to stop “injury to European e-bike manufacturers, as Chinese e-bikes have flooded the EU at an...

Dark days ahead as EU Commission discloses intention to impose duties

The Commission has sent the disclosure document for the anti-dumping proceedings to all interested parties, including the European Collective of Importers of Electric Bicycles. This document does not hold a...


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LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe that works exclusively for light electric vehicles, giving its members a voice in European LEV advocacy. LEVA-EU monitors all EU legislation and policy-making that may be relevant to LEV-companies. In consultation with its members, LEVA-EU selects those issues, which are most relevant to the LEV-sector and develops and implements a European advocacy strategy.

LEVA-EU has the knowledge to answer legal questions and many more on not only technical regulations, national rules on insurance, driving licences, helmet obligations, traffic codes, but also on consumer guarantees, product liability and more.

As a member, LEVA-EU can save you a lot of time, thus money, to bring your products to the market or to ensure that your products are in line with legal requirements.

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Electric Motorcycles News is a new informational website about electric motorcycles. It’s a Belgian non-commercial initiative to present a realistic overview of existing electric motorcycles today and some future...


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Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.


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