Waste materials are an underused resource in the construction of Europe’s roads

Source Science for Environment Policy - Recycled waste material could play a major role in the construction of roads in Europe, bringing both environmental and economic benefits. A new study proposes a scenario where 50% of the asphalt for Europe’s roads consists of recycled materials, leading to significant reductions in costs, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. According [...]

City of Stockholm opens up public procurement for cargo bikes

Source Jeppe D Larssen - The CEO of MoveByBike writes: "Our dialogue and lobby with the city of Stockholm to remove truck-specific rules from the city's public procurement worked. In a new procurement regarding food-delivery for schools they added something like "does no apply for bikes" in Swedish. Also they split up the different schools so [...]

DHL launches 2 cargocycle projects

Source Francisco Luciano - Wednesday 1 March, two pilot projects were launched by DHL Express in Frankfurt, Germany and Utrecht, Holland. In each city, two Armadillos (called Cubicycles within DHL), four City Containers and a custom City Container trailer (called City Hub within DHL) were taken into operation. http://velove.se/city-containers-new-pilot-dhl-express-frankfurt-utrecht/ More than 40 German newspapers covered [...]

DPD to expand electric cargo bike trials in Germany

Source Daniel Symons in Postal and Parcel Technology International Parcel and express delivery provider DPD Germany is looking to expand the use of its electrically assisted transport bikes following a successful trial in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Deployed in December 2016, the three bikes primarily deliver to private consignees in the districts of Glockenhof, Steinbühel, [...]

German cyclists purchasing more high-end e-bikes

Source: Eurobike – The German bicycle market is booming. According to the latest figures from the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), Germany’s bicycle industry association, bicycle sales in Germany rose by 7 percent in 2016 to 2.6 billion euros. Once again, electrically assisted bicycles, i.e. e-bikes and pedelecs, were the drivers of sales growth, with a total of [...]