LEVA-EU contributes to new set of recommendations adopted by the Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM)

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The Commission’s Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM) has recently adopted a set of recommendations aimed at complementing public transport with shared mobility solutions and leveraging the Social Climate Fund (SCF) to support public transport initiatives. These recommendations are directed towards the European Commission, Member States, and regional and local authorities.

The rising number of journeys from suburban and rural areas to metropolitan centres, driven by demographic changes and urban sprawl, underscores the potential of shared mobility for daily commutes. EGUM emphasizes that shared mobility must be integrated with public transport to present a viable and effective alternative to private car use. The recommendations cover a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, safety, redistribution of public spaces, digital integration of transport data, and multimodality.

The SCF was established to assist Member States in supporting groups impacted by the green transition, including those at risk of transport poverty. The EGUM highlights various measures and initiatives from across the EU and beyond, focused on public transport and shared mobility services. These initiatives include concessionary fares, bike loan schemes, subsidies for car scrapping, and extended bus routes, offering a blueprint for other countries, regions, and cities to emulate.

The EGUM, now reformed as a platform for dialogue and co-creation of actions, aims to implement the new EU urban mobility framework. Future recommendations, expected in the coming months, will address funding and financing, long-term sustainability, urban vehicle access regulations, sustainable urban mobility planning, monitoring and implementation, urban logistics, active mobility, safety for vulnerable road users, and the future of inclusive and sustainable urban spaces.

The EGUM’s mission is to act as a reinforced platform for dialogue and the co-creation of actions to implement the new EU urban mobility framework that will enable stronger engagement by Member States and improve dialogue with cities, regions and stakeholders on all urban mobility issues. It assists the Commission in relation to the implementation of existing Union legislation, programmes and policies, and in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives

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