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  1. TAITO aims to positively change the perception of e-scooters

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    Entrepreneurial network Voka spotlights the Belgian micromobility innovators, with insights from all three founders.

    Source: Voka

    Ghent-based mobility brand TAITO has emerged as a game-changer in the e-scooter landscape, unveiling their innovative three-wheeled electric scooter earlier this year. The launch garnered substantial attention, with TAITO securing the accolade for the best e-scooter at the prestigious Micromobility Industries trade fair in Amsterdam just three months later.

    Founded in 2020 by Jules Dobbelaere, Nathan De Baets, and François Desmet, TAITO focuses on urban mobility solutions. The trio’s vision extends beyond merely offering a unique e-scooter, aiming to transform the perception of electric scooters globally. Dobbelaere emphasizes the need for safer and more sustainable alternatives to traditional cars, particularly in urban environments where space is a premium.

    The TAITO team conducted extensive market research in collaboration with Vlerick students and found that safety and sustainability were key concerns with existing e-scooters. In response, TAITO’s three-wheeled design incorporates a patented steering and suspension system, providing enhanced stability and safety. Furthermore, the modular components of the TAITO system promote sustainability, allowing for easy repairs and customization.

    While TAITO faced challenges as a young company without prior industry experience, their dedication to innovation paid off. “We managed to go from scratch to a real product, and the combination of software with hardware makes it even more challenging,” says Jules Dobbelaere. The company successfully delivered the first batch of 100 scooters with minimal issues, earning them recognition at the Amsterdam trade fair.

    Despite initial concerns about funding, TAITO experienced a windfall with a successful crowdfunding campaign, surpassing their target within an hour. “We have gathered parties around us that, on the one hand, give us the confidence to follow our course, and on the other hand, are a critical voice on our way there,” notes François Desmet.

    However, TAITO acknowledges the prevailing negative perception of e-scooters, fueled by issues such as safety concerns and the disposable nature of many existing products. The founders aim to shift the focus back to the benefits of e-scooters, highlighting their role in efficient, traffic-free short-distance travel.

    Looking ahead, TAITO plans to expand its product range and commercialize its e-scooter without production limits by 2024. With ambitions to tap into the broader European market, TAITO sees immense potential beyond Belgium and the Netherlands, especially in cities where scooters outsell bicycles.

    As part of the Bryo program for young start-ups and scale-ups, TAITO benefits from a robust network, gaining insights from experts to propel their journey forward. “We are only at the beginning of our journey, but the sessions are of very high quality,” says Jules Dobbelaere. “It helps to hear experts within a certain domain talk about their experiences.”

    TAITO’s revolutionary approach to e-scooters positions them as leaders in redefining urban mobility, with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation, as reported by Voka entrepreneurial network.

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