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  1. Vässla launches its new “electric bike for all”

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    Source: DiGITAL, P. Mattsson

    LEVA-EU member Vässla has always stood out for their unique designs. Now, their latest product has been unveiled, an e-bike that “anyone can afford, and sit comfortably on.”

    Vässla Pedal, as it is called, has a stripped down design, and lacks displays, switches, and cabling. The battery is almost completely integrated into the bicycle’s frame. The bike is only available in a single size – 24 inches. The idea is to satisfy everyone’s needs, regardless of gender or size. “With an electric motor that drives, the diameter of the wheels is no longer a factor, something that traditional bicycle manufacturers have not really grasped”, says Vässla’s founder and CEO Rickard Bröms.

    “We have made a SEK 30,000 electric bicycle that everyone can afford and everyone can sit comfortably on. A commuting monster, something you can ride a couple of miles on every day,” he continues.

    The e-bike is available purchase outright, or via a subscription service with the goal of improving the accessibility of the e-bike market to all. With a range of 100 km, and a host of accessories set to launch over time, the product is designed to meet a commuter’s daily needs while being open to other uses such as grocery shopping.

    More information regarding the Vässla Pedal can be found here.

  2. Vässla expands to Berlin with subscription service

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    Swedish start-up and LEVA-EU member, Vässla, is expanding into the Berlin market and with its latest product, the Vässla Bike, marking another milestone in Electromobility.

    The stand-out feature of the Vässla Bike is that it can be considered a completely new vehicle category, treading the line between e-bikes and e-scooters. With this vehicle, Vässla opens new doors to urban micromobility in Berlin, and offers a serious alternative to the car. Users can take advantage of a subscription model, the “Vässla Club”, an all-round premium service for everyone – day and night.

    The Vässla Bike as an urban alternative to the car in Berlin

    Vässla’s basic idea is that cars will become less and less important in European cities in the future. The concept of ​​Berlin as an emission-free city in the heart of Europe is particularly exciting for the Swedish company. Because the German capital is considered to be a pioneer of sustainable micromobility, and a tech and innovation hub for promising mobility start-ups. A number of sharing providers have already conquered the Berlin market in recent years and created a new concept of urban mobility. However, Vässla still sees a gap between the different means of transport and lifestyles.

    “The fact that our Vässla bikes – unlike most e-scooters – always only have one owner for a period of time, and are being serviced to an all-around high-quality standard, helps the user to easily get familiar with their bike and the associated, sustainable lifestyle. We see our brand as an urban tribe and an important part of the e-mobility scene that makes Berlin a more liveable city. Freedom, happiness, and exclusivity are our are self-determind brand messages”, says Hannes Ahbe, General Manager of Vässla in Germany.

    Abhe, who originally comes from the fintech sector, where he already worked with a company who successfully expanded into Germany, moved to Vässla in 2019 and has been in charge since then, bringing great passion to the expansion and positioning of the company in this country. In this, he works closely with Rickard Bröms, CEO of Vässla.

    “We have chosen Berlin as the starting point for our subscription model in Germany for two Reasons. First, the progressive atmosphere that the city exudes fits like a glove with the Vässla brand. Second, Berlin is a growing city with increasing traffic problems that need to be addressed. Vässla is here to meet the demand of the people of Berlin and to offer an exclusive alternative to the car ”, says Rickard Bröms.

    New vehicle category convinces investors

    Anyone who might declare the Vässla bike a “new electric scooter” is not doing it justice. Because it is somewhat an e-moped, and in between e-bikes and e-scooters, surpassing the scooter with significantly higher range. As a result, the Vässla Bike sets a new micromobility standard. The start-up has already convinced a large number of investors with this concept. In the last Capital round in the middle of this year, Vässla has already raised 10 million euros in capital to realize its vision of sustainable mobility made in Sweden.

    Renting instead of buying – Vässla users are part of a sustainable premium community

    Membership of the Vässla Club comes via a sharing app, with a fleet management function that gives users access to their new Vässla bike. Club members can choose between two different subscription models: “Urban Pro”, at least one six-month subscription for 79 euros per month, or “Urban Flex”, a monthly subscription for 79 euros per month and an additional 50 euros setup fee.

    In addition to insurance and an all-round service guarantee, club members also have a helmet, a lock, and the Vässla bike will be delivered directly to your home. This is where the bike is usually used stowed away, which counteracts unnecessary cluttering of sidewalks and residential entrances.

    About Vässla

    Vässla was founded in 2017 by CEO Rickard Bröms in Stockholm. The Swedish start-up offers urban dwellers innovative micromobility solutions for urban medium-haul routes. Rickard Bröms and his Chief Developer Prof. Uwe Hager, understand mobility as a wide range of possibilities for movement in urban space. The Vässla Bike developed by the team creates its own category. The Vässla Bike is designed with the shape of an e-bike and the casualness of a scooter, specially aimed at progressive cityfolk. The purchase is linked to an exclusive subscription model, and a first class service is guaranteed to the customer. More information at www.vassla.com.

    Source: https://www.vassla.com/press-room/press-releases

    Hannes Ahbe, General Manager Vassla Deutschland
    Hannes Ahbe, General Manager Vassla Deutschland
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