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  1. Van Raam’s ‘safest two-wheeled bicycle in the world’ sees a new release

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    Due to the unique frame construction and motor system, the Balance low-entry bicycle from LEVA-EU member Van Raam is claimed to be the safest (electric) two-wheel bicycle available. With this model, you can always place both feet on the ground while sitting in the saddle. The Balance has many unique riding characteristics and is therefore suitable for many people who cannot cycle on a traditional two-wheeler. Plus, it is completely produced in the Netherlands.

    Renewed Balance low-entry bike

    The Balance bicycle with a low entry has been renewed and can be ordered from October 2022 via Van Raam dealers.

    The new model sees a range of adjustments:

    • Entry has become even wider and lower, making it even easier to get on and off the bike.
    • The lock is more accessible, placed at the rear wheel instead of the front wheel.
    • New design with a modern look, including matte black accents.
    • Instead of vacuum forming, the chain guard is made by injection moulding at Van Raam’s sister company Your Plastic Solutions. This technique makes the chain guard even sturdier.
    • New standard color (Grey Blue Matt, RAL 5008) and new option colours, Signal Red Gloss, RAL 3001 or Light Ivory Matt, RAL 1015.

    Good elements are preserved
    Alongside a number of improvements, the core elements that were present in the previous Balance have of course been retained.

    VanRaam describes the new model’s benefits:

    • The bicycle has a unique frame construction: a low step-through so the rider can always have two feet directly on the ground while remaining seated on the saddle. It is slightly different from a normal low-entry bike, which has a low entry point, but a high seating position. We call this false safety, getting in and out is easier, but the driver is still sitting high and when suddenly stopping, things can go wrong.
    • With the Balance, the overall ergonomics of the frame are such that the rider can easily get on and off due to the low entry, but also sits lower and still can make an optimal pedalling movement. This is because the rider is not above, but behind the bottom bracket. Due to the different seating position, the rider can remain seated on the saddle and still have two feet on the ground. The rider also sits lower, so that the center of gravity is also lower.
    • A more forward pedalling movement allows you to use the power of your legs better than with a classic bicycle. This makes cycling extra easy and comfortable.
    • Other advantages of the unique frame construction are less strain on the wrists, back, neck and shoulders.
    • Many variations of the model are available such as pedal assistance/e-bike, and accessories such as a stick holder.

  2. Takeover of Klaassen Parts by Van Raam

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    As of September 1, 2022, LEVA-EU member Van Raam will take over Klaassen Parts. The company continues under the name Your CNC Solutions. Your CNC Solutions will focus on both serial and single-piece turning and milling work.

    Personnel and machines will move to Euroweg 12 in Varsseveld before the end of this year. With this acquisition, Van Raam has taken a great step in expanding its sister companies.

    In addition to Klaassen’s current machinery, Your CNC Solutions will utilize Van Raam’s existing machines and professionals. Your CNC Solutions will continue to supply Klaassen’s current customers.

    Dominik Tempels is the new point of contact in the form of company manager. Guido Klaassen will focus on innovation and new technical possibilities.

    Left: Guido Klaassen; right: Jan-Willem Boezel (Technical Director, Van Raam)
  3. Vanraam Duo bike supports elderly facing social isolation

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    Many lonely elderly live with social isolation, and with a growing group of elderly people, this will in all likelihood only increase. Fortunately, there are many people who work on combatting this issue, and various initiatives. An example of such an initiative is: duo cycling with elderly people.

    A lot of older adults feel lonely. The loneliness of the elderly often starts by stopping work, but causes also include children leaving home, the loss of a partner and a limited social network. Loneliness or social isolation of the elderly is a growing problem and can have major consequences, especially for the elderly themselves. These include increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, health problems and even premature death. But how can we help lonely elderly? Keep in touch, become a volunteer or start an initiative yourself. An example of such an initiative is duo cycling with the elderly. In recent years, many (lonely) elderly people have been on the road with this initiative, or still, regularly go out on a duo bike.

    Help lonely elderly: Why a (duo) bike?

    Cycling is healthy! You are active in the open air, and cycling strengthens the heart, lungs and resistance. By exercising, the brain stays younger, you stay mobile longer, and you produce endorphins that make you feel better. Thus, cycling is a valuable activity to do with lonely elderly people, and you take them out of their social isolation.

    What is a duo bike?

    You have probably seen them before: a bike where two people sit side by side. One user controls the bike, and both users can pedal. The users both have good visibility and can easily communicate with each other because of the sitting positions next to each other. Many elderly people are no longer able to cycle independently, but the duo bike offers new opportunities. The passenger is not required to pedal along. With the optional disengagement hub, you can decide how you cycle together: the co-pilot is obliged to cycle along, the co-pilot cannot cycle along, or the co-pilot cycles along at his or her own pace. This makes the duo bike suitable for elderly people who can both actively or inactively pedal and feel the wind in their hair.

    The Fun2Go duo bike from Van Raam

    Van Raam is a manufacturer of unique special needs bikes. These are individual and multi-person bikes for people who can not (or can no longer) cycle on a regular bike. The Fun2Go duo bike is a bike with many features. For example, the duo bike is available with electric pedal assistance, which means that the cyclist(s) need less strength and effort and you can even cycle backwards with the assistance.

    The duo bike has a lot of advantages. It not only promotes conducive loneliness among the elderly and is very cosy and healthy, but the Fun2Go also has many benefits:

    • No step in, easy to take your seat
    • Very agile, duo bike can rotate around its axis
    • Multiple gears
    • Shopping basket
    • Parking brake
    • Stable and firm
    • Best tested

    Many riders have already enjoyed the duo bike. For example, the organization Fietsmaatjes has been working for years to combat loneliness among the elderly, and even Dutch King Willem-Alexander has participated as a cycling buddy on the duo bike Fun2Go.

    Source: https://www.vanraam.com/en-gb/advice-inspiration/news/duo-bike-for-lonely-elderly-against-social-isolation

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