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  1. TAITO co-founder meets King Philippe of Belgium

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    Source: AVS

    Campus Rommelaere of Ghent University welcomed high profile visitor, King Philippe, who met with student entrepreneurs to discuss their first steps in the business world.

    King Philip arrived at the Rommelaere campus of Ghent University where he received information about DO!, which stands for Dare to Entrepreneurship. The University set up an expertise center for entrepreneurship to help students start their own businesses. After some general explanation, the King met with some former students from Ghent University who had taken up entrepreneurships during their studies and are now running successful companies.

    These included Nathan De Baets, from e-scooter company, TAITO, who met the king and went on to state, “We are TAITO and we have launched the safest and most sustainable electric scooter on the market. We have been working on this for four years now and we have actually been available on the market since March-April last year. It is of course fantastic that the king shows so much interest in young entrepreneurs and what we all do. It was a very interesting conversation and he of course wanted to know what the advantages are that we have compared to other steps.”

    Watch the video on the visit here.

  2. TAITO aims to positively change the perception of e-scooters

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    Entrepreneurial network Voka spotlights the Belgian micromobility innovators, with insights from all three founders.

    Source: Voka

    Ghent-based mobility brand TAITO has emerged as a game-changer in the e-scooter landscape, unveiling their innovative three-wheeled electric scooter earlier this year. The launch garnered substantial attention, with TAITO securing the accolade for the best e-scooter at the prestigious Micromobility Industries trade fair in Amsterdam just three months later.

    Founded in 2020 by Jules Dobbelaere, Nathan De Baets, and François Desmet, TAITO focuses on urban mobility solutions. The trio’s vision extends beyond merely offering a unique e-scooter, aiming to transform the perception of electric scooters globally. Dobbelaere emphasizes the need for safer and more sustainable alternatives to traditional cars, particularly in urban environments where space is a premium.

    The TAITO team conducted extensive market research in collaboration with Vlerick students and found that safety and sustainability were key concerns with existing e-scooters. In response, TAITO’s three-wheeled design incorporates a patented steering and suspension system, providing enhanced stability and safety. Furthermore, the modular components of the TAITO system promote sustainability, allowing for easy repairs and customization.

    While TAITO faced challenges as a young company without prior industry experience, their dedication to innovation paid off. “We managed to go from scratch to a real product, and the combination of software with hardware makes it even more challenging,” says Jules Dobbelaere. The company successfully delivered the first batch of 100 scooters with minimal issues, earning them recognition at the Amsterdam trade fair.

    Despite initial concerns about funding, TAITO experienced a windfall with a successful crowdfunding campaign, surpassing their target within an hour. “We have gathered parties around us that, on the one hand, give us the confidence to follow our course, and on the other hand, are a critical voice on our way there,” notes François Desmet.

    However, TAITO acknowledges the prevailing negative perception of e-scooters, fueled by issues such as safety concerns and the disposable nature of many existing products. The founders aim to shift the focus back to the benefits of e-scooters, highlighting their role in efficient, traffic-free short-distance travel.

    Looking ahead, TAITO plans to expand its product range and commercialize its e-scooter without production limits by 2024. With ambitions to tap into the broader European market, TAITO sees immense potential beyond Belgium and the Netherlands, especially in cities where scooters outsell bicycles.

    As part of the Bryo program for young start-ups and scale-ups, TAITO benefits from a robust network, gaining insights from experts to propel their journey forward. “We are only at the beginning of our journey, but the sessions are of very high quality,” says Jules Dobbelaere. “It helps to hear experts within a certain domain talk about their experiences.”

    TAITO’s revolutionary approach to e-scooters positions them as leaders in redefining urban mobility, with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation, as reported by Voka entrepreneurial network.

  3. Beat Your Car competition offers Delaware employees a Taito S1 scooter for sustainable commuting

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    At delaware, a leading company committed to the electrification of their fleet, sustainability is held in high regard. Recently, the company organized an exciting competition called “Beat Your Car,” encouraging employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. The reward for the most environmentally-friendly drivers was nothing less than the impressive Taito S1 made by LEVA-EU member Taito, valued at €2590. This competition not only promoted greener driving practices but also marked a step toward a more sustainable future for delaware and the world.

    delaware’s Pursuit of Electrification

    One of the standout aspects of delaware is their dedication to the electrification of their fleet. Even before the “Beat Your Car” competition took place, the company had made significant strides toward a more sustainable future. With nearly half of their fleet consisting of electric vehicles, delaware showcases their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society. This initiative not only reflects their environmental consciousness but also demonstrates leadership in transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

    The “Beat Your Car” Competition

    The “Beat Your Car” competition was an exciting initiative that challenged delaware’s employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. Participants had to monitor their fuel consumption and driving behavior, aiming to use their cars in the most efficient way possible. The goal was clear: reducing the ecological footprint of the fleet and promoting conscientious driving among employees.

    Winners of the Taito S1

    After weeks of competition and sustainable driving, there were ultimately some impressive performances. The employees who managed to drive their cars the most economically were rewarded with the Taito S1, an electric scooter valued at €2590. This prize was not just a recognition of their commitment to sustainability but also a way to encourage the winners to continue their green initiatives. Congrats to the two winners of the “Beat your car” competition. 

    A Message for the Future

    delaware’s “Beat Your Car” competition not only reflects their pursuit of a more sustainable future but also emphasizes the importance of conscientious driving behavior and the role individuals can play in reducing their ecological footprint. This initiative serves as an inspiration for other companies to organize similar competitions and encourage employees to drive more environmentally-friendly.

    If we all do our part, we can collectively build a greener and more sustainable world. delaware is a shining example of how companies can contribute to this goal, and with their efforts in electrification and conscientious driving, they demonstrate their readiness to embrace the future with open arms.

    Let’s hope that more companies will follow in their footsteps, and initiatives like “Beat Your Car” become the norm, rather than the exception, in the business world.

    Together, we can build a more sustainable future, one step and one mile at a time.

    Taito S1

  4. Ghent start-up TAITO launches three-wheeled e-scooter Taito S1 and closes distribution deal with Bike Republic

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    Belgian consumers can from now on ride around fearlessly and comfortably with the Taito S1

    The Taito S1, which presents itself as the safest and most ecologically responsible e-scooter, is on sale to the general public after three years of development. Fans of reliable and sustainable mobility with a twist are at the right place at Bike Republic’s 25 shops for testing, purchase and maintenance. With the Taito S1, the three young founders are breaking a lance for the new generation of e-scooters, which boasts ultimate ease of use, unadulterated riding pleasure and convenient service close to home. By the way, did you know that TAITO is the only Belgian and one of only two e- scooter brands in Europe?

    After years of research and development and successful crowdfunding and capital raising, the Taito S1 is ready to conquer Belgium and the rest of the world. Starting out, TAITO’s young entrepreneurs are doing so at Bike Republic (Colruyt Group) retail outlets in Belgium. Since the first prototypes saw the light of day last year, a lot of fine-tuning has been done to the three-wheeled and only Belgian e-scooter. Consider the full integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) module – which provides GPS tracking, an alarm system and sharing options with friends – controllable via a custom-built TAITO smartphone app. The unique and patented suspension and pivot system also received a serious upgrade for even more pleasant and safe handling. Furthermore, the Taito S1 features new folding mechanism so you can easily take it anywhere. Charging takes four hours, good for (a tested range of) 30 kilometres of riding pleasure at 25 km/h.

    Figures don’t lie: safety on e-scooters is much needed

    TAITO is the brainchild (°2020) of Nathan de Baets (COO), François Desmet (CTO,) and Jules Dobbelaere (CEO). When Jules first rode an electric shared scooter, besides a feeling of freedom and unadulterated driving pleasure, he also experienced one of insecurity at times. Not unfairly: e-scooters have been on the rise for years, but the number of accidents in Belgium also continues to rise. Figures published by the traffic institute Vias in February 2023 show that in 2022 there were as many as 1,715 injury accidents involving e-scooters. That’s five per day, and a whopping 63% more than in 2021. Moreover, those are only the officially reported cases.

    The three founders therefore resolutely draw the card of safety in TAITO’s design. The Taito S1 thus has optimal shock absorption thanks to three larger, pneumatic tyres, a patented, innovative suspension and a floating wooden platform on which the rider stands. These three things provide increased stability, better comfort and an extra fun factor. With the three wheels, you as a rider are also much more stable and enjoy an intuitive riding experience where you can lean into corners. Moreover, the rubber spring element catches unevenness in the road and vibrations, so that cobblestones or potholes in the road surface, for example, are not an obstacle to comfort or safety. On the e-scooter, there are also lights, indicators and a horn. In addition to a conventional rear light, there is also an uplighter built into the rear bend of the frame that illuminates the rider’s back, to further increase visibility and thus safety

    TAITO for life: every part can be repaired and replaced

    Furthermore, the “built to last” mentality of the three-wheeled e-scooter stands out. “Not only is the Taito S1 resistant to all weather conditions, every part can be repaired or replaced thanks to a modular design,” explains Jules Dobbelaere, co-founder and CEO of TAITO. “A Taito is durable and you buy it for life. Every part can be easily replaced by an expert. That’s what sets us apart: current e-scooters are rarely watertight, which means they quickly fail in our weather. Repairing them is often not possible due to the large amount of glued components, leaving you with a disposable product.”

    The frame is made entirely in Belgium – and battery assembly is also done domestically. By having as many parts as possible made in Belgium and Europe, the three young founders also optimise their logistics and carbon footprint. The Taito S1 also comes with an app that adds an extra dimension to the user experience. You will find in the app a GPS tracking system that, together with the integrated alarm system and a locking option, protects your e-scooter to the maximum.

    Safety, durability and comfortable riding pleasure: reasons enough for Bike Republic to include the Taito S1 in their range. Wim Teerlynck, General Manager of Bike Republic: “At Bike Republic, we want to do our bit for sustainable mobility. We believe that e- scooters – alongside (electric) bikes – are also one of the essential building blocks in that. In some places and contexts they are just that little bit more convenient than bicycles.

    On top of that, TAITO’s scooters are a great Belgian story and set new standards in terms of safety, durability and riding comfort. This is precisely why this new product should not be missing from our collection!”

    The Taito S1 is on sale for €2590 at 25 Bike Republic Flemish bike shops and workshops, or via their webshop.

    About TAITO

    TAITO is a Ghent-based start-up bringing a new generation of three-wheeled e-scooters to the Belgian market with the Taito S1. TAITO was founded on 1 October 2020 by Nathan de Baets (COO), François Desmet (CTO) and Jules Dobbelaere (CEO). In summer 2021, TAITO completed a €700,000 seed round, including a successful crowdlending. In February 2022, TAITO launched a pre-sale on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. From 6 April 2023, the e-scooters will be on sale to the general Belgian public. ‘Taito’ is a Japanese word – derived from the English ‘tight’ – that symbolises the sleek, quality and minimalist designs of the e-scooters.

    About Bike Republic

    Bike Republic was founded – then as Bike! – founded in 2010 and has grown into a network of 27 specialist bicycle shops in Belgium: Evere, Aalst, Antwerp, Boechout, Boortmeerbeek, Diest (test centre), Laakdal, Dilbeek, Oudenaarde, Oudsbergen, Sint- Pieters-Leeuw, Ninove, Gent Dampoort, Gent Rooigem, Sint-Denijs-Westrem, Grimbergen, Hasselt, Herentals, Kuurne, Leuven, Merksem, Roeselare, Wijnegem, Diksmuide, Turnhout, Retie and Veurne. Bike Republic is market leader in the sale of branded bicycles, bicycle clothing and accessories. The concept is distinguished by a high-quality range and the expertise of its teams. Bike Republic is a dealer of numerous top brands such as Hiron, Trek, Flyer, Koga, Gazelle, Aska, Scott, Ridley, Kettler, BH, Bulls, Brompton and Norta. The bike shop also provides maintenance and repair of bikes.

    Companies can lease or buy company bikes through Bike Republic. Since 2019, Bike Republic has been a full part of Colruyt Group.

  5. Taito aims to improve e-scooter safety with new design elements

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    Source: Bike EU

    Belgian start-up Taito aims to combat the safety issues of e-scooter use in city traffic, developing a three-wheel e-scooter with floating deck and propriety suspension.

    As the popularity of e-scooters has risen, so have the associated injury and accident statistics. The Belgium Institute for Road Safety has determined the main causes of such incidents to be instability and uneven roads. Alongside providing a comfortable and fun ride, LEVA-EU member Taito aims to tackle these safety issues directly.

    Taito co-founder François Desmet shares, “We started with a three-wheeled design to increase stability. Then we developed a suspension system that allows users to tilt and turn the front wheels while also dampening road vibrations. The wooden deck is isolated from the frame with rubber studs which gives it a floating appearance. To further improve safety at night we integrated indicator lights and a rider light, which illuminates the back of the rider in bright red, to be visible from all angles.”

    Finally, by partnering with Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI) as a motor controller supplier, Taito can precisely program their scooters using the BACDoor Engineering Software. This allows for an extra smooth ride and unique rider profiles.

  6. TAITO launches Indiegogo e-scooter kickstart campaign

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    Source: Indiegogo

    LEVA-EU member, TAITO, has successfully launched its e-scooter kickstart scheme through Indiegogo. The Belgian start-up aims to take commuters to their destination in a safer, more enjoyable, and efficient manner. The e-scooter incorporates a three-wheel design and a wide bamboo standing platform – these features allow riders to feel more secure as they travel.

    At the time of writing, TAITO had reached its primary funding goal of €20,000, with over a month remaining for additional backers and investors to join the campaign.

    Visit the TAITO kickstart page here.

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