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  1. QWIC Dealershows: preparing for a successful 2023

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    In the months of August, September and October, LEVA-EU member QWIC’s Annual Dealershows took place in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In total, Dealershows were held over 12 separate days at various locations spread across the 3 different countries. Almost 1,000 people visited the Dealershows.

    During the QWIC Dealershows, contact with the dealer is central. This is the time to discuss the cooperation between dealers & QWIC and to hear what dealers think of current and upcoming collections. Dealers can also ask any questions they may have regarding the models and brand.

    Newest QWIC model: the QWIC Mira
    This year, a key feature was the presentation of the latest e-bike, the Mira. QWIC received positive reactions to this new model, which fills the gap between the well-run Premium i series and the award-winning Premium Q.

    Hans Terpstra, Teamlead Sales Representatives NL & BE, on the Dealer Shows: “We wanted to show our (potential) dealers why it is nice to work with QWIC, that we have made improvements and continue to improve. That there is a stable collection for 2023 and we wanted dealers to leave confident of a great partnership. I think we have all succeeded well in that.”

    At the QWIC Roadshow in Germany, the main focus is our contact with the dealers”, says Rasched Abu- Isbeih, Sales Manager Germany at QWIC. “Pre-orders for the coming year are already being gladly taken up, since above all the good availability of the QWIC Portfolio can be underlined. Highlights of this year’s Roadshow were, in addition to the new QWIC Mira, which complements the portfolio in the Comfort segment, many personal conversations, and countless test drives.”

    Like last year, the technical corner was very well received. Here, dealers could ask their questions to the QWIC technical service staff. There was also a special counter for the QWIC Dealer Portal where visitors could view the latest novelties and ask questions. QWIC was present with a large team (from the technical service team, representatives, and customer service) and of course, the entire QWIC collection was present and available for testing. 

    Become a QWIC dealer?
    QWIC has over 750 dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Contact the team directly at verkoop@qwic.nl.

  2. E-bikers ride longer and more often – QWIC research

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    Research by e-bike brand, and LEVA-EU member, QWIC shows that e-bikers cycle further and more often than before they bought an e-bike. The research was conducted among 3318 QWIC owners from the Netherlands and Belgium. QWIC e-bikers have started to cycle an average of 55km more per week than they did before purchasing an e-bike. Many feel more energetic as a result and enjoy cycling more, even with a headwind.

    Source: QWIC

    ‘I cycle much more, my health has improved and I have already saved a lot of money’

    ‘I take the bike much quicker’

    Cycling further and more often
    Of all QWIC e-bikers, 1 in 5 (20%) cycle more than 100km per week on average. That’s 5,200 km per year. Which amounts to a bike ride from Amsterdam to the southernmost tip of Spain and back again. There are even e-bikers who cycle more than 300 km per week; they do this mainly to cover their commuting distance.

    ‘My commute has become much more pleasant and less stressful. I can now also determine much more precisely when I will arrive at work’

    ‘My well-being has improved, the daily ride back and forth to work is now me-time

    E-bikes as a healthy alternative
    QWIC users replace with their e-bike on average 86 km per week other means of transport such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, or public transport. The common motivation for this is health and being outdoors, getting more exercise, and having more fun. 

    European Mobility Week & Car Free Day
    QWIC conducted this research in the run-up to the European Mobility Week (Sept. 16 – 22), an initiative of the European Commission. During this week, sustainable urban mobility takes center stage, a theme QWIC strongly supports.

    September 22 is worldwide Car Free Day, the day when motorists are challenged to leave their cars at home and choose more sustainable transportation. Car Free Day is held in 46 countries and in more than 2,000 cities.

    QWIC ambition
    QWIC’s mission – ever since its founding 16 years ago – has been to accelerate the sustainable mobility revolution by getting more people on bikes and making them enjoy every ride. By developing high-quality and innovative electric bicycles, QWIC offers an enjoyable, active and healthy solution for everyday mobility.

  3. QWIC Mira, the e-bike for an active lifestyle

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    On the first day of Eurobike 2022, LEVA-EU member QWIC presented a brand new e-bike, the QWIC Mira. This comfort e-bike has been specially designed to make everyday life easier and more comfortable. With the Mira you can maneuver comfortably through the day.

    The QWIC Mira invites you to go cycling. From functional bike rides to trips through nature, the Mira is versatile.

    Comfort and power

    The high-quality parts of the Mira offer the comfort that we have come to expect from QWIC. The iconic low step-through frame ensures that you can get on and off easily, even with groceries and children on the bike. The powerful QWIC battery (known from the luxurious Premium Q and adventurous Atlas) is positioned in such a way that it can be installed and removed smoothly.

    Versatile e-bike

    With the various cargo options, the Mira is perfect for all kinds of purposes and easy to adapt. Thanks to the sturdy rear carrier, the Mira can carry 27 kg of cargo. The MIK HD click system makes it easy to change accessory. For example, by removing the child seat when you go into town to have a drink.

    Mira Daily & Mira Tour

    The QWIC Mira is available in two versions, the Daily and the Tour version. The Daily is the perfect bike for all daily activities. This version comes with a powerful 65Nm motor and chain drive. The QWIC Mira Tour gives you just that little bit of extra comfort you need for longer distances and hilly terrain thanks to an even more powerful motor (80Nm) and belt drive.

    Both models are available in Jet Black color. The Mira Daily also has a fresh Sage Green version and the Mira Tour is available in the elegant Desert Copper color.

    QWIC Dealer Shows

    QWIC dealers can experience the QWIC Mira for themselves during the QWIC Dealer Shows in August and September in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All technical questions about this new model will also be answered.

    Prices and options

    The QWIC Mira Daily is for sale for €3,499 and the price of the QWIC Mira Tour is €4,099. The Mira comes standard with a 522 Wh battery and an optional 756 Wh battery is available (surcharge €420). Other options include the QWIC charging station (€299) and GPS connectivity (€199).

    For sale

    Delivery of the QWIC Mira will start in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  4. LEVA-EU member QWIC collaborates with E-Motion, e-bike distributor

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    Source: RadMarkt

    Dutch e-bike manufacturer QWIC has officiated its collaboration with E-Motion e-Bike Experts Group – gaining access to an independent network of stand-alone specialist dealers

    Rasched Abu-Isbeih, Sales Manager QWIC Germany shares, “I am very pleased that with the E-Motion e-Bike Experts Group and its e-bike experts we have been able to gain another important strategic partner to make the QWIC brand accessible to customers throughout Germany and to strengthen the stationary specialist trade.The E-Motion network currently consists of 75 specialist e-bike shops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    As QWIC reports, its quality e-bikes with durable components, modern design and comfortable riding characteristics were the decisive factors for E-Motion’s enthusiasm to collaborate, as well as the good availability of bikes and the fact that QWIC only offers servicing by its own employees. Another convincing argument is that dealers can respond to customer requests at any time and reorder e-bikes according to individual needs via the QWIC dealer portal without shipping costs.

  5. QWIC strengthens sales position in Germany

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    Dutch LEVA-EU member e-bike brand QWIC is strengthening its sales position in Germany by entering into a partnership with the E-motion E-bike Expert Group. Dealers in the dealer network of the E-motion Group are specialized in electric bicycles and only carry e-bike types and brands of the highest quality and reliability. QWIC is known for its qualitatively and innovatively designed e-bikes.

    The collaboration between E-motion and QWIC started in April. The quality of the QWIC e-bikes was decisive for E-motion to enter into the partnership. The good availability of QWIC e-bikes and the fact that only QWIC employees are the point of contact for service have also contributed to this.

    In addition, a convincing argument was that the dealer can always respond to the wishes of the customer and reorder e-bikes according to individual needs via the QWIC Dealer portal and without shipping costs. The high quality and durable components of the bicycles, as well as the design and the very comfortable riding characteristics, convinced E-motion.

    “I am very pleased that we have again secured an important strategic partner with the E-motion E-bike Expert Group and its e-bike experts to make the QWIC brand accessible to customers throughout Germany and to strengthen the specialized trade”, says Rasched Abu-Isbeih, Sales Manager, QWIC Germany.

    Since 2009, the E-motion E-bike Expert Group has been an independent association of economically independent specialist dealers specializing in electric bicycles. The network currently consists of 75 e-bike expert shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  6. QWIC, Bafang and Enviolo to provide a fully integrated cycling experience

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    Source: Enviolo

    Enviolo and LEVA-EU member Bafang have successfully completed the integration of Enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ control units into Bafang’s drivetrain system and display unit. The new firmware integration allows the cyclist to change all bike and ride settings such as the cadence setpoint or calibrate Enviolo’s AUTOMATiQ interface through the Bafang system. This provides a fully integrated user experience as all settings can be changed through one display control unit resulting in a clean handlebar. Additional LEVA-EU member QWIC will be the first bicycle company to launch e-bikes with the Enviolo and Bafang integration.

    Billy van den Ende, Director of Brand Experience at Enviolo: “Our goal is to get people out of the car and onto a bike but we need to build great bikes to be able to achieve this goal. We believe that by offering a fully integrated user experience we are creating a safer and more pleasurable ride experience. Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers of complete e-drive systems and it only makes sense for us to integrate the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ systems with Bafang’s motor system. QWIC is a long-term Enviolo partner and we are very proud to have this new technology on QWIC’S innovative Premium i Auto model.”

    Jos Schutte, Technical Innovation Lead at QWIC: “With every generation of e-bikes we work on making them smarter and better. But “smarter” should not, of course, mean that the bike becomes more complicated. On the contrary, we strive to make cycling itself as enticing as possible. The cooperation between Enviolo, Bafang and QWIC allows us to improve the cycling experience for the user. A big benefit of the QWIC Premium i Auto model is that it’s now possible to change desired cadence setpoint of Enviolo AUTOMATiQ through the Bafang display, eliminating any need for extra controllers and ensuring a clean handlebar.

    Joe Jiang, Marketing & Sales Director at Bafang: “Bafang and Enviolo are two pioneering companies in the e-bike drive world that have built up an excellent reputation in recent years. Therefore, it was only a matter of time for both companies to work closely on new projects together. Bafang has found Enviolo to be an ideal partner. Together we provide the right concept and the right, future-oriented product to meet the existing and future demands and requirements of the bicycle industry. Both companies are enormously innovation-driven and are therefore looking forward to a new, inspiring, processive and forward-looking projects that are oriented towards the customer and meet their needs.”

  7. Amy Paillot new Marketing Lead at QWIC

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    E-bike brand QWIC appointed Amy Paillot as their new Marketing Lead. With the appointment of Paillot, QWIC shifts even more from a retail-oriented brand to a consumer-oriented brand. QWIC aims to increase brand awareness and to become a preferred brand for consumers. With previous positions in marketing and business development in various industries, Paillot brings a lot of experience to the QWIC marketing team.

    Amy has her roots in France but has also worked in South America, the US and she is now based in Amsterdam. At her most recent job, she was leading the Regional Marketing team of stroller company Joolz in Amsterdam. At Joolz she was leading the team in charge of all the marketing activations in 40 countries.

    Within QWIC the focus will be on strengthening the QWIC brand and sharing its stories and products across all channels together with the team. QWIC wants to develop a stronger connection to their consumers, putting them at the center of everything they do from product development, to services but also in all communications.

    Amy Paillot: “We know it can be overwhelming when someone is trying to find and buy an e-bike. We are there to help smoothen the process, provide the information and the inspiration the consumers need to make the right choice and find the perfect e-bike for them. In that way they are already well informed when they enter the bicycle shop.”

    Paillot is excited about her new role: “QWIC is an amazing brand, with passionate employees, strong values and an inspiring vision to pioneer and accelerate the mobility revolution. I am so proud to be part of this adventure, and very excited to share who we are, what we stand for and of course I want to see thousands of QWIC e-bikes in the streets of Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Antwerp, and many more cities & countries in the future!”

  8. Temporary offer of 5-year warranty on QWIC e-bikes

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    E-bike manufacturer QWIC starts the new cycling season with a 5-year warranty campaign. The offer applies to all models from the 2022 brochure. QWIC produces innovative e-bikes with high-quality components. With this temporary campaign, QWIC shows confidence in its products. 

    Participating e-bikes 
    Participating models are all models from the 2022 brochure, including all Premium i models and all speed pedelecs from QWIC (Performance RD11 Speed, MA11 Speed, and MD11 Speed).

    5-year warranty
    The 5-year warranty applies to all mechanical and electrical parts, which normally have a 2-year factory warranty. The 5-year warranty also applies to the battery, although after two years there is an annual depreciation.  

    Consumers can easily claim the 5-year warranty. The campaign runs from Tuesday 15 March 2022 to Thursday 30 June 2022. When a consumer buys one of the action models in this period, they only have to register the bike through QWIC’s promotion page. Subsequently, they will receive the warranty certificate by email.

  9. Edwin Haveman hired as new account manager for B2B Export at QWIC

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    E-bike producer QWIC further expands its sales team with Edwin Haveman. Edwin has started in a newly created role at QWIC: account manager B2B Export. In this role, the focus is on current and new customers in the European B2B market. Countries outside the existing QWIC markets (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Austria) will also be part of his working area.
    Unlike QWIC’s Sales Representatives, who are responsible for the relationship with (QWIC) dealers, Edwin’s focus will be on collaborations with hotels, bicycle rental companies, and medium-sized to large companies. Both lease and purchase options are possible here.
    Edwin is enthusiastic about his new position: “Looking at the growing e-bike market, I see many opportunities for QWIC. The current portfolio and the new models that are on the way fit in perfectly with this. I am therefore looking forward to further growing QWIC in existing and new markets!”
    In his last position, Haveman worked as a B2B commercial manager at Bandenthuis. He also previously worked as an International Account Manager at Qualino and as a Nike Program Manager at Display Plan.
    QWIC is continuously looking for enthusiasts who want to contribute to the growth of QWIC. Do you want to be part of the success of QWIC? View all vacancies here.

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